Honda HRX217 ground drive speed selector cable replacement - help needed (pics).

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Roger, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Roger

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    The cable broke on my HRX217 today. I have a new one, but have found it difficult to install. I was told to take out the black panel toward the rear of the mower for access. The cable comes from the handles, down through a shroud, into the area above the transmission. A small port hole beside the transmission is enough to see the connection, but too small to work (getting the old one out, getting the new one installed.

    I do not understand how to get the one panel out, so that I can get access. I was told "take out the two bolts and it will come right out." In my experience, not so!

    I have taken out one bolt, and removed one nut from another bolt. But, the panel is large, and must have other connections that I don't see. Also, I believe the shutter panel will have to come out as well.

    Or, is there another way to get access to the transmission from the top, so that this panel doesn't have to come out?

    Any help? My machine is down for now, until I can get this cable installed.





  2. Restrorob

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    I would remove the shutter #3 and see if that back panel then can be removed. It looks like screws #19 and #10 will let plates #4 & #5 drop then #1 & 2 with the shutter.


    Good Luck
  3. mowerknower

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    Gotta love honda cables! If you are not very mechanical you are better off sending it to the dealer. I work on those all day and they are the biggest pita cable around
  4. Roger

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    Thanks for taking the time to look it up on the parts diagram, and make your suggestions. I downloaded the same diagram, along with one other that includes the black section in my pics.

    I had little time to spend with it today -- rainout, back out to work, then more rain, .... When I got the cable, I thought the task of installation should be easy and quick. Pretty soon, I'm realizing this install isn't quite as straightforward as I had expected.

    Getting #3/#10 out of the shutter doesn't look very easy. The bolt has a flat bottom, and the top doesn't have very good access. I couldn't even see what kind of nut was on top -- that area is inside the discharge chute.

    There must be another bolt to remove that is more obvious once I get the shutter out. The other parts diagram isn't very clear on the location of another bolt.

    What is frustrating is the cable and hook at the end are tantalizingly close at hand. But, the working space there just isn't enough for my hands to squeeze through.

    I will have to see the weather in the morning, whether I spend time then trying to fix, or get back out to work. With the weather today, our schedule is behind, and I don't want to push too many mowings over until Saturday. If not tomorrow, then I will wait until the weekend to make another attempt at repair.
  5. dishboy

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    Blade brake cable?. After I changed the first on on the Honda Commercial I decided a velcro strap keeping that sucker on 99% of the time was was a way better option. Have not ever had to replace another since.
  6. Roger

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    No, not BBC, rather the hydro speed selector cable (see thread title). But, I can see the bottom end of the BBC, and it has access. This one is visible, but not accessible.
  7. dishboy

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    I am surprised you ate a drive cable, I think in twelve /fifteen years of using Honda I have only replaced 2.
  8. Roger

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    I have the mower fixed, with a new cable. I'm preparing annotated pics with an explanation on what was done. Perhaps the story will help somebody else with either cable problem, or a belt install.

    Pics to follow soon.
  9. Roger

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    OK, here are a series of pics that cover the replacement procedure -- as I have done it. Restrorob - your ideas were on the right path. The entire procedure required a bit more, but it got me started properly. Thank you! When I made the OP, I was a bit frustrated. I took the advice of the dealer when he told me "... just take out the two bolts." I guess we can't believe everything we hear, even though we think our source is knowledgeable.

    It took much longer than it should have. But, it is one of these projects, when looking back, I ask, "What was so difficult about that? Why did it take me so long?" I am never ceased to be amazed at my incompetence and stupid decisions after these tasks are done. I share all this because if either the BBC or speed selector cable needs replaced, or if the belt (engine to transmission) needs to be replaced -- most likely this is what will be needed. I hope it helps somebody else.

    Machine was immediately put into service and worked well. I make no excuses for all the pics, but do ask for slack on the quality of the annotations. I only have MS Paint -- anybody have a better suggestion?

    There will be several posts because each one is limited to four images (I think).






  10. Roger

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