Honda HRX217 ground drive speed selector cable replacement - help needed (pics).

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Roger, Jul 2, 2009.

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    I remembered one additional item I forgot to mention. After installing the replacement ground speed control cable, I also installed a retention tie to try to improve the alignment of the cable where it attaches to the tranny. I used one of those adjustable plastic ties of the same type used to retain the cables on the mower handle. I looped the plastic tie around the cable just behind where the cable fitting snaps into it's retainer. I also ran the tie though the end of one of those ordinary picture hanger hooks of the type made of narrow flat metal stock. With the hook secured over the lower left edge of the removable skirt section, I tightened the adjustable tie to align the cable squarely with it's retention arm on the tranny. Time will tell, but hopefully this will reduce the wear and tear on the cable at the point where the original one failed.
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    Its kind of just a wiggle and jiggle fit. I usually move the green knob back and forth a few times while rocking that arm. Never failed me yet
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    Just wanted to share with you that your post continues to be appreciated. Isn't the internet a great thing when used for good purposes. Well, my story is that I jumped into the cable replacement project much like you did. I started the tear down on Friday which was going great, I got the shutter off without any problem but like you the first time, I couldn't figure out how the rest of the job could be accomplished without the rear scroll out of the way. I didn't see that there was a bolt near the left rear wheel etc. so after an hour or so I got fed up and decided this job was over my head and buttoned everything back up and resolved to take the job to a dealer. Well I couldn't take being defeated, so I googled the job and your thread popped up - Thankfully. After seing your pic. showing the bolt in front of the left drive Wheel I was convinced I could complete the job. So this morning I went back and did the tear down got that scroll off no problem. Although getting the belt and spring off was no picnic all in all it went unbelievably fast (and no bloody knuckles!).

    Got my lawn mowed today too and the speed control worked great!

    Roger Thanks again for taking the time to put such a detailed post online.

    Dave P Mpls. MN
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    Dave, I'm glad the repair was successful for you. I feel the same way on some of these kinds of projects, "can't take being defeated." However, nobody ever advances or learns much until they are stretched a bit.

    If you ever need to replace the handles, be sure to shoot lots of pics of the levers at the top of the handles. There are so many parts, springs, plates, etc, the parts diagram just doesn't help much. To add to the confusion, there are some extra tabs with holes that are not used. Apparently, these are parts that work for a variety of mowers. When it goes together, "sure, this is so simple, and wonder why I made it so difficult."

    I'm glad the pics of the cable replacement were helpful to you.
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    Thanks for posting such detailed pictures of the disassembly of this mower. The drive belt for the self-propelled mechanism came off on my mower, and I was stumped trying to figure out how to get to the pulley under the one-piece housing. After several dead ends, I was about to give up, when I found your post after a Google search. I'm eternally grateful for the internet and people like yourself that take the time to post for the purpose of helping others.

    Thanks again!

    - Drew
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    So, I don't know if anyone on here still looks at this thread, but i have a 2005 Honda HRX217HXA and this thread has helped me quite a bit... except for the last part where the cable attaches to the transmission. Instead of the hook and lever My cable has a pin that goes into the lever. It's supposed to come out the side but when I try ti remove it, it hits the side of the deck. The cable i ordered was the wrong one, and i had a previous style cable. Do i have to take out the transmission on this one?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can post pics of my transmission if it will help.
  7. Roger

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    Justin, I am the one who started this thread and posted the pics, so I think I understand your problem. I am unsure, however, of "wrong one," and "previous style" cables. On the repair I made, the cable had a hook on the end. The hook was draped over a hook on the transmission.

    Are you saying that your transmission has a pin & clevis connection, not a double hook? I do recall the working envelope was pretty small. If you can get some pics, maybe somebody here can help. Are you sure you have the right cable? Taking out the transmission is pretty drastic and adds a new level of complexity.
  8. mustang87gt5ltr

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    that was my thinking as well. I'll post pictures when i can get some good light but yes, the cable they ordered for me was a 54630-AH7-A02 where my old cable is a 54630-VH7-A011.
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    hi, just joined and have to replace a honda tranny cable. I have been taking things apart and putting them back together for over 50 years now and Roger has presented one of the best descriptions of how to do a procedure that I have ever followed. I never would have figured out how to get to that cable otherwise. great job Roger and thanks. larry
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    ok, well finally got ahold of Honda and found there's an adapter kit to change my tranny to the one that uses the loop.. lol. got that fixed, not just to try and get it started after 3 years, lol... Thank you again!

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