Honda HRX217 ground drive speed selector cable replacement - help needed (pics).

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Roger, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Reverend Truth V Wicked

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    Roger -

    I stumbled upon this thread when I was looking for what parts I needed to repair my mower. Thanks for posting this. I don't think I would have figured this out on my own. Who would think you'd have to remove so many parts for what should be a simple cable replacement?

    Mine is an older mower and I needed the conversion kit for mine. I took a few photos to help folks that need to take this extra step.

    To get to this point, I had to remove the belt and the tensioning spring before pivoting the transmission down to get at the cable.








  2. Roger

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    Rev ... I'm glad to know that this thread was useful to you. As you have gathered from the previous posts, others have found it useful too. When doing a Google search, it comes up near the top of the list, when using some reasonable search words.

    But, you have made a significant addition. Others have talked about the older models, adapter, etc, but nobody has posted good pics like this. Your pics should be helpful to others who are in need of making this repair to their older models.

    Thanks for taking the time to document and to post. I'm sure others will appreciate your efforts.
  3. topalka

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    Hi Roger,
    Your posts have been VERY helpful, but I have been unable to get the control arm off of the pivit point. My mower was purchased in 2004, but the layout looks the same as yours. Is there something I'm missing
    Tom O.
  4. Roger

    Roger LawnSite Fanatic
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    Tom, apparently your mower is similar to the one of Rev ... Wicked. On my original post, with the pics, my new cable only needed to be looped over a hook. Rev ... Wicked has an older mower that requires an adapter plate. As I see his pics, it looks like the adapter plate does fit over the post coming from the transmission.

    As I understand your question, and understand what Rev ... Wicked did (plus others) with the adapter plate, your question is best directed at those with the older mower. I'm sorry, but I help. Maybe others who have used the adapter plate can reply with useful information.
  5. topalka

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I've attached a couple of pics of the control arm part that I'm trying to remove. This part of my unit looks just like the parts in your photos. I don't think it has anything to do with the cable or adapter plate....just can't see how it is removed from the pivot point (your description in your photo).
    Until I remove it, I can't take off the honeycomb black plastic piece to access the cable end. I've soaked it in penetrating oil thinking that the corrosion is preventing its removal and tried to pry it off without luck. I can see the pin which allows the selector rod to move the control arm, but don't know how it is removed.
    Any ideas are appreciated.

    2012-09-14 17.08.37.jpg

    2012-09-14 17.08.57.jpg
  6. tmabry

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    You can't just end this story with a bunch of repair pictures, and leave us all hanging!
    Unless I missed it, we all need to know what has happened to the original mower, and how this story has played out.
    Is it still alive or dead? If it is still alive roughly how many hours?
    And lastly, please give a final summation if you would purchase again.
  7. Roger

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    tmabry, ... oh the mower was put into use immediately. In fact, after many, many more hours, the cable broke again. Making the repair the second time took only about an hour. Bear in mind, the original post on this thread was more than 3 years ago.

    It has run lots of hours since these pictures. It is now in semi-retirement, as strategy has shifted. Hand mower use is far less than last year, and the years before.

    Would I buy another? In a heartbeat without giving another mower a consideration.

    AYRTIME LawnSite Member
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    Spare Bushing??
    Thankyou for all the great pics and info. I have just successfully completed the clutch cable replacement.

    One concern is a left over part. I have a chrome coloured bushing about 5/8" long with about 5/16" ID hole left over. This part dropped out during disassembly and I was unable to locate its proper "home". Any help appreciated.
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  9. Tomahawker

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    I think the part you are referring to is in the image below from Roger's original post:


    It's a sleeve for the bolt that attaches the top deck to the lower deck piece. I imagine it is needed to keep the deck pieces in alignment and to prevent the bolt from crushing or cracking the plastic deck pieces.

    Hope that helps!

    AYRTIME LawnSite Member
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    Yes thankyou I figured it out by retracing parts and where I found the bushing.

    Wouldn't you know it. I had a new belt but didn't replace it while I was repairing the cable.
    Ended up a couple of weeks later tearing the mower apart again to replace the drive belt.
    Works like a charm and I'm getting pretty good at the disassembly and reassembly!
    Thanks all.

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