Honda kit for 255sx

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by GrazerZ, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. GrazerZ

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    Has anyone here had the honda engine kit conversion done on their 255sx? I called Ditch Witch and they said the kit was @ $3600.00 alone without installation. I almost passed out! :dizzy:
    I have been trying to cross reference the current engine with a replacement Onan engine. i was told that it would need a P224G I/11495 if I can find one.
    Any suggestions guys? I have found other P224G engines but not the 11495 models. I believe its Ditch Witch only engine just like all of their other parts. Any suggestions on where to fine a replacement or how to save $ on the Honda would be helpful. thanx
  2. aquamtic

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    Why are you surprised?? Its A Honda!! We paid close to 2,200 for a new Kohler for our 252. Look into the Kohler brand
  3. GrazerZ

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    I'm suprised because a Honda gx670 should be around $1200.00 in Northern tool for just the motor. Muffler @ $75.00. The kit i spoke of only comes with the engine, muffler, throttle cables, engine riser, and wiring harness. that means they are really over charging for this kit. If you bought just the motor from Ditch Witch they would charge $2400.00 for it.

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