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Honda mid-tine tiller


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Beaumont, Texas

I read a little (very little) about mid tine tillers and know there is one at home depot down the road from me but want to know how good of tiller it is before buying it.
Here is the link to the model. http://www.hondapowerequipment.com/ModelDetail.asp?ModelName=F220#
I know it does not have the side discs so I wonder how good of a mid tine this is and can not find reviews.
I am a little worried about not having side discs to support it.

I read how the rear tine are really good and front tine suck which I was going to buy front tine because of the price but glad I did not thanks to this forum. The mid tine I listed is only 80 dollars more than the front tine.

What are your thoughts?

Exact Rototilling

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Zone: 5B
Personally I'd avoid that type of tiller. My vote is bigger or smaller. I your region is free of rocks bigger than golf balls a Troy-Bilt Bronco or Pony might work fine. My first tilling job "For Hire" was on a lot where the owner had a Troy-Bilt Pony that he had been broken & beaten to death tilling his Rocky soil. That's why they called me. My Ad features "Troy-Bilt Horse" which is the minimum tiller needed when breaking ground in Sod or Rocky soil.