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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by DOORZ, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. DOORZ

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    I am looking to purchase a new mower, and decided to buy a Honda mower from suggestions from other people I know that own them. I am looking at the HRR series, and am trying to decide between the VXA or the TDA mower.

    The main differences between these mowers is the VXA mower has the Roto-Stop Blade Brake Clutch, and Variable Speed drive. The TDA doesn't have the Roto-Stop Blade Brake Clutch, and is only a 3 speed.

    My current mower isn't a self propelled mower, so since I have never owned a self propelled mower I don't have any experience with self propelled mowers. The VXA mower is $100 more than the TDA mower, and my question is it worth the extra $100 for these 2 features?

    With no self propelled experience is variable speed versus 3 speed make that much of a difference.

    The blade stop I guess could be a nice feature, but how beneficial is this feature?

    Hopefully I can get some input so I can make my decision.
  2. jazak

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    I would go with the VXA becuase you have more options and since its the only mower you will be using you want the best mower for the money.
    BTW I have a commercail Honda that is like 10 years old and it still runs just as hard now as it did when it was new.
    You can't go wrong with Honda 21"s. Mine has three speed shifter mounted on the deck. Plus a speed accelarator mounted on the handle.
  3. dfischer

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    I find the 3 speed to be fine, and don't think I'd spend the $100. On the other hand, I don't think that much of the Honda and wouldn't buy it again. Motors been find, but the tranmission stuck in low once, and the rather weak plastic shifter has also broken once.

    Granted this over 3 years, but then its only used for trimming. Maybe 10 minutes a week. It does start great (one of the few w/a real choke still), mulches well, and gives a good cut.

    Still, I'd look @ deere w/a Kawasaki motor if I wanted a long term regular use walk behind.
  4. ArkansasLawns

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    If you bag your grass then the blade clutch will save you from starting your mower after every dump. Three speeds are just that. But do they fit your walking speed? Can you demo one of each? See if your local mower shop will let you test drive one. Box stores usually don't let you. You might drive around your town and see if another home owner has a Honda. Stop and ask if you can drive his. Get some firsthand feedback.

    I run my HRC216 commercial hard week after week. Just change the oil and blades. Love it.

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