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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guest543, Jul 12, 2006.

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    My 16 year old son cuts a few yards around town. He's always used $100 lawnmowers from Walmart; until recently. He broke down and purchased a $700 Honda from Home Depot. This was the top of the line mower are Home Depot. I was just wondering, do you experts think he made a good decision in purchasing this high dollar mower?
  2. Sandgropher

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    Yes :) as long as its commerical grade and not home owner model, it should last many years.*aussieflag*
  3. awdriven

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    It is probably a hydrostatic HRX. They are well built machines, but he needs to be vigilant about keeping up with the maintenance and not abusing the machine. It's a high-end residential machine, not commercial.

    Honda sells an even more expensive HRC-series 21 inch mower, but they are not available in Home Depot stores. You have to get them through a Honda dealer. The HRC runs about $1100 and has a heavier-duty steel deck, GXV series commercial motor, ball bearing wheels, etc.

    If your son stays on top of maintenance and doesn't beat the machine it'll last a long time, but not as long as an HRC would. A few others on the site use these machines and especially like the ability to partially mulch, partially bag. The HRC doesn't have this feature.
  4. It was my choice. I bought one to replace my 1984 Honda Harmony 216. And the old Harmony was still running fine.
    Someone else posted that you shouldn't push this hydrostatic mower when the engine is off with the drive engaged. It makes sense to me because I have larger mowers with hydrostatic drives that have warnings about pushing or towing them with the engine off. So I'm going to watch that with the Honda. And just leave the drive lever disengaged to push it.
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    Sounds like your son is serious about working, congratulations! For his age, his choice was very good.
  6. lawnmaniac883

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    Honestly, no he did not. Should have bought a honda commercial mower at a dealer. A good commercial honda walk runs 1100 but will last forever with proper maintenance.
  7. awdriven

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    Let me say 'way to go' for your kid as well. Nice to see a kid getting out and learning out business and the value of a buck this summer rather than just laying on the couch playing video games and spending allowance money at the mall.
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    You opinions and advice are appreciated. My son tells me that his new Honda HRX217 is great. He can't believe how easy it starts and how fast the self-propelled system runs. One thing he's not used to though is the rear wheel drive. Making 90 degree turns requires the self-propelled speed to be adjusted to stop for each turn. I guess it's something he'll get used to. Do you guys prefer front wheel drive or rear wheel drive self-propelled mowers?

    Thanks again; you guys are great and this site is awesome.

  9. batdaddy044

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    I personally find the rear drive units easier to maneuver and more productive than a front drive unit.Just my opinion.
  10. EMWEB

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    Reason I ask, most yrads in my area are LARGE ! ! !

    But when you are young anything is possible . . .


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