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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ztrguy, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. ztrguy

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    I'm a full time lawn guy with commercial zero turn mowers. I need a new push mower and won't be using it much. But I would like something that will run good and last more than a year or so. I noticed that home depot now sells a couple of Honda mowers. One is 699 and I think the other is 599. The reviews are great on the Honda push mowers. What do you guys think of these push mowers? Anyone have one? Thanks!
  2. rreyn1812

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    I have two of the top of the line Honda residential mowers with BBC. I used them for one year commercially and they performed flawlessly. They did start smoking more than I like after a full year of constant use. There are others on here that have used them too, with varying degrees of success. I let them languish for a year and just got them running again and will probably sell them in the spring. Basically, if you don't use them very much, they should last a long time.

    After using them, and then giving up most of my smaller lawns, I bought a John Deere JS36 with a B&S engine (6.75) and it was about $300 less than the Honda and the parts cost less and are more readily available in my area and it does just as good a job for less. For limited use, I like the B&S engine on a simple mower and it should last pretty much forever.
  3. ztrguy

    ztrguy LawnSite Senior Member
    from NE FL
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    Thanks for the post! I bought three Toro push mowers in the past and after about a year or two they don't hold up any longer. The Personal Pace system went out on all three after about a year. The deck height mechanism was so worn out on the wheels that they wouldn't stay on the correct height. I don't put over 30 hours on a push mower per year either. The last one I bought was a Craftsman push mower. Just a plain basic mower. It lasted one season and then had the same issue with the wheels staying at correct height. Just wanting something that will last a good two years and three would be even better.
  4. TopNotchLawnCare

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    I had a Toro Personal Pace last me close to two years before the handle broke off on boths sides right where the knobs are to fold the handle bars. Didn't have any problems with the trans or B&S Stratton engine.
  5. beano

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    I had a Honda and when it died tried Snapper and John deere. I then went right back to Honda. I only push mow 2 to 3 yards a week and I will not buy another 21"
  6. BigFish

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    I don't cut, I fix. In my not so humble opinion, if you're wanting a good long lasting push mower, get one with a B&S side valve engine. The best, hands down. Stay away from the OHV engines... yer buyin' a lawn mower, not a race engine. K.I.S.S. The outfit I wrench for has a bunch of em, and the engines give very little trouble! And they get beat up pretty good. Now the mowers themselves are pretty much junk. But if you get a good brand, look at the deck and wheel adjusters closely, you should be able to tell a good one from a junk one.
    Looks like the current B&S side valve lineup includes the 725EX, 725exPlatinum, 675ex, 675exGold, 625E, plus smaller ones.
    Go to the B&S site and clich on lawn mower engines.
    Another thing you can do on a push mower is bump the rpm's up to at least 3,450, it will cut a whole lot easier and smoother, and won't affect the warranty.
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  7. woodlanda

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    I bought the 21" commercial Honda mower, it has lasted me two years seasons so far, i probably put 200-250 hours a season on it, cuts 25+ yards a week change the oil every 50 or so hours, the mower is higher in price but it starts on first or second pull even after sitting a week, it has enough power to cut 4-6" grass and doesn't bog down to much, it is rear wheel drive and has the adjustable speed control so you can set the speed you walk at, the frame is durable and the wheels dont bend or go crooked when you bump into something

    this is the model #hrc2163hxc

    it will last many years if you do regular maintenance my dad has had a Honda mower from 1988 it still runs and cuts the grass once a week, it smokes a little but its over 20 years old, i even use it on my mowing routes some weeks as a second mower
  8. rbljack

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    X2.....i bought the HRC and used it exclusively last year after purchase. Its a tank, runs great, cuts great, and the only downside is its a bit heavier than your typical residential. Not saying thats a bad thing though, because once i got used to it, it became the "norm". Id say spend the extra money for the HRC model and you wont go wrong. will last many years from what ive heard.

    good luck.
  9. rreyn1812

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    Yep, they are great! They are also very heavy, and pretty darn expensive ($1100), so unless you are using it on some fairly level ground, don't have to lift it, and use it a lot, then to me the cost is not worth it. I have a lot of slopes and this mower would be very hard to handle. Mostly, I've come to agree with using the B&S side valve mowers for cost & weight reasons. And they are very reliable.
  10. RussellB

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    I have two Honda mowers. The HRX2172 and the HRR2165. Like both a lot. Perform the routine Maintenance often and they will last forever. The HRX2172 cost a little more but cuts tall, wet grass with ease. If you bag a lot it can be a pain because you have to cut the mower off to dump the bag. The HRR2165 has a little less power but you don't have to cut the mower off to dump the bag. Both of mine are three years old and have many more years left in them. I highly recommend them and both are less than $700.

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