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Honda o h c


LawnSite Member
wichita kansas
My Snapper DLR friend recently told me the Honda o h c series

is junk and that a person is better off with a Briggs L head.

Does any one have experience with these animals partiularly

the6.5/190cc engine?

Thanks Spanial5.


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windsor, ontario
we have some hondas as well as there bikes and I have never seen a crap honda motor, but I have seen quite a few crap Briggs and will never own a Briggs


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Nashville TN
honda has two lines of small engines on push mowers GCV and GXV. You want to stay away from the GCV line. I've worked on them and been with people that have worked on them and you don't want one. The GCV's go on Sears lawnmowers and even on the honda harmony series (you know the mowers that range from $350 and up) The GXV line is a much better engine


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OHV is generally commercial, OHC is generally used for domestic purposes. Australia's Honda Mower range has the GXV engines on the more so commercial mowers, and OHC (GCV) on the Domestic.

Extract from indmowing website


"OHV - Overhead Valve: These engines have the valves located above the combustion chamber, in the roof of the cylinder head.

The OHV layout permits smoother fuel mixture intake, plus quicker and more complete exhaust. This increased combustion efficiency, in turn, enables a higher compression ratio to be used in this way it is possible to obtain greater power output and to avoid the build up of carbon.

The OHV-design gives also an excellent thermal balance, which contributes to reduced cylinder distortion, a decrease in oil consumption and an increase in engine service life.

The OHV Engines are Commercial Grade while the OHC are generally used for domestic use."



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zone 6
Originally posted by dishboy
OHC is that overhead cam? Is this something new?

Yes, and no they have been around for years.

clcare; Let me clarify my question, I realize OHC motors have been around for years, Is this new for Honda? I have only looked at their commercial mowers?