HONDA powered YAZOO!

Green King

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I got to demo a new Yazoo with a 24hp honda. I was supprised at the power of the mower it cut real nice and stripped very well. I had always heard that honda was low on power but this guy had lots of reserve to it and seemed pretty easy on gas. Just thought I would pass along the info!

Envy Lawn Service

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Thanks for doing so. Not only for the info, but this also supports a point I tried to make a while ago. Yazoo/Kees has a lot of testing going on and a lot of prototypes running around with non-production unit engines. In other words just because a 24 HP Honda powered Yazoo/Kees and others ain't in the product literature doesn't mean they are not out there.

Also the cut and stripe from these mowers is second to none, no stripe kit required unless you won't then to really stand out. Not only that, but you won't find a more versitile deck due to the bolt in baffle design and you won't find a better mulcher either. The only thing I can't understand is why they don't make the discharge kicker baffle removable as well. I'm ready to cut mine out and install a bolt in for when I want to side discharge.

I'm trying to find someone to do that and bend me a custom side discharge baffle similar to eXmark and others. I think that style would work a bit better with an OCDC and maybe even create even more finely chopped side discharged clippings.

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My 2001 and 2002 60" Dixies have 24 hp Hondas and I've always loved them. Great performance.

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