Honda transmission question (HRC216HXA)

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by DFW Area Landscaper, Dec 2, 2006.

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    I am trying to repair a leaking transmission myself. The first thing I did, before opening this thing, was to drain all the remaining fluid. It was black and nasty and it seemed very thick.

    My question is this: I have read on LawnSite several times, and the dealer says the same thing, that is not necessary to change the fluid on these transmissions...ever.

    When the fluid breaks down and turns black, does that not make it more likely to cause a seal failure? Doesn't clean, fresh transmission fluid help keep rubber seals from drying out and allowing leaks?

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    From the other Honda Trans. Thread you posted;
    This is what you say you found in your's;
    Definition Fluid; 2. a substance such as a liquid or gas whose molecules flow freely, so that it has no fixed shape and little resistance to outside stress

    Definition Grease; 2. a thick oily substance, especially one used to make machinery run smoothly.

    In my 30+ years in the auto and equipment business if a lubricant is thin it was considered a fluid type lube. If it is a thick lubricant it is considered a grease type lube.

    For instance; You would not check the fluid in the rear-end on your truck but you would be checking the grease.

    Now to answer your question;

    Most seal failures are caused from grass, string etc. wrapped around axles, Lack of lubrication (low), Worn bearings or bushings and shafts (grooves). Grooves causes the inner seal area to relax and not apply enough pressure on the shaft to seal any longer. Worn bearings or bushings causes the shaft to pull the inner seal area out of it's round configuration thus leaking. Anything getting wrapped around the shaft gets into the inner seal area causing it to fail.

    As long as what ever type equipment has the proper amount of what ever lubricant inside it shouldn't matter what it looks like or how old it is as long as is keeps the seal wet so it doesn't dry out, Hence "Maintenance Free".

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    The new Honda Hydro oil is crystal clear. It is a very thick oil, even new, but I wouldn't call it grease. If you get a leaky seal, it will definitely drain out of the tranmission and all over the garage floor.

    DFW Area Landscaper

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