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    i purchased a super mini z back in spring of 2004 and i am really happy with it. it is 52 in. cut with a 20 hp honda engine. this past season i have noticed htat it has been useing oil. i check it before i use it periodically and i always have to add some. i only have about 180 hrs. on it so it doesn't get an extreme amount of use. i use the opti oil which is pretty pricey so i wandering if this is a problem with these motors ,have you had anyone else mention this. i hate to keep topping off my oil. the opti is about 36 dollars for a 6 pack of 20oz. bottles. it's not just that it is the fact that this motor is fairly new and i don't think it should be doing this. thanks
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    This is not something I hear of much on Honda engines.
    Have you told your dealer about this?
    Now is the time to get it in for a good inspection.

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    I agree,, talk to your dealer. No-way it should be burning oil.. maybe theres a small seal leak (????)

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    Maybe the high dollar Super Slickum has short-circuited the break-in process. Have you used this oil from the very beginning?

    I've read Opti's eutectic propaganda and haven't seen any warnings regarding its use during break-in, so perhaps you just got some bum rings (I've also seen a Honda bore that was never honed). In any event, it's an engine manufacturer's problem. You've got a two-year warranty, and I'd let Honda fix it. Make it easy on yourself by not mentioning the Opti oil--that might be seen as a red flag by some dealers and lead to some general hand-wringing and foot-dragging. Keep it simple and just tell them it uses oil!

    I also notice Opti doubles your warranty if you use their oil. If 24 months has come and gone, tell Opti to fix it.
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    yes opti is suppose to give a 4 year warranty. that was the reason i decided to use it in the firtst place

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