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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by number1dad, Aug 3, 2004.

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    I went to the local Hustler dealer this morning. I was intended to demo a hustler, either a Super Mini Z or a Hustler Mini Z. I was told that the dealer would bring to my house and let me try for a few minutes. This is not the type of demo I have been getting with other commercial mowers. I questioned the motor (Honda vs Kawasaki). The dealer really pushed the Honda motor. Is there a reason he really pushed the Honda. I noticed that all his inventory, except one, had Honda motors. Are the honda motors better than the Kawasaki motor? What are the advantages of the Honda over the Kawasaki motor?
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    Both Honda and Kawasaki are great engines as is Kohler. As I understand it the Kawasaki engine of equal size to a Honda has slightly more torque. I have a Fastrak with the 20 HP Honda and have no complaints with it. My last mower had a Kohler and my push mower is a Kawasaki, like I said all fine engines.
    It is likely your dealer has more Honda stock and wants to move it. I don't want to begin any fights but the only one I stay clear of is Briggs and Stratton. My experience with them is they are throw aways.

    I would look around for another dealer. Mine brought the Fastrak up, showed me how it worked and told me to give him a call when I used it a couple of times.

    Not sure where you are I'm located in Fair Hill Maryland and bought from American Service Center in Elkton, MD.

    Good Luck,
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    You will find the Honda to be a excellent engine, we offer it on just about everything we make.
    If your dealer has more Honda powered models in stock, it most likely that he prefers and also his customer base prefers the Honda.
    He can order any engine model you wish.

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    We have 2 Hustler Z's with the 24hp Honda and they do a great job. My dealer sells all Hustlers with the Honda probably because he is a Honda dealer, but he can get the Kawi also.

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