Honda vs. Kawi?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JOEWOOD, Mar 30, 2005.


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    [​IMG] M54 Mid-Mount, Zero-Turn Riders

    2 Models Available with 54" Floating/Fabricated Decks

    • 23 HP* Kawasaki V-Twin OHV Engine (M54-KW)
    *As rated by Kawasaki
    • 24 HP** Honda V-Twin OHV Engine (M54-HN)
    **As rated by Honda

    What's the verdict Gents?
  2. MMLawn

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    That you don't know what you really want....and that you are going backwards in quality with each new "pick"

    In the last 2 days you have been asking about because you were "buying" 4 different mowers a JD 737, JD 737, CCM60 and now a CC54 :dizzy: You've even ask about 4 different engines now, the Kaw 25, Kohler 27, Kaw 23 and Honda 24. Your profile says that you are in your fifities and have 20 experience, so you should know the real answer is DEMO the mowers and buy what you like best as it really doesn't matter what we may like.

    If it were me hand's down I'd BUY the John Deere you first said you were buying....either 737 or 757 depending on your use.

    and forget the MTD get what you pay for. Look around you in your area and I bet you see very few professional LCO's using Cub Cadet.

    JOEWOOD LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Mike,

    No matter how old I get i'll always be indecisive. Keep hereing pros & cons about these machines.

    I guess I don't trust my opinion alone. :cool2: :blob3: :rolleyes: :drinkup:

  4. USM Lawns

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    Definitely go with the Deere!!

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