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Marysville, WA
I'm looking at going for a couple of commercials next year and know I'm getting a couple good sized residentials so I am looking for a bigger mower, preferably a 48". There is a Honda 48" with 580 hrs. on it and is going for $2400. Is that a good buy? Just wondering what you guys thought of Honda's reliability, quality, striping, etc. Thanks guys.:)


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I know you expect me to bash you so let me get that out of the way before I post.

You should work on getting a drivers license and business insurance before you work on getting commercial accounts.

Okay, now that thats out of the way. For that price you can buy a brand new 48" belt drive.

If you ask stone, he'll tell you how you can turn that $2400 into 6 toros and a motorized wheel barrow and still have money left over for Sizzlers!! (IN other words, you also have the option on rebuilding an older machine)

Hope this helps a little!



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You don't hear to much about Honda w/b's on this forum. Even my local Honda dealer doesn't stock any. Also my after market catalogs don't have much for Honda w/b's. I would have to go with a mower that I can get fast, parts and service.


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Hey Scag48, I don't know about the mower, but the Honda engines are like the cars. They run forever. The problem with Honda is parts. $105.00 for a starter recoil for a 5hp engine. Unacceptable. Like my spelling!

Eric ELM

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Parts are getting out of hand. I got a 21" JD with a Kawasaki engine and the starter went out with in a year and JD replaced it. With in another year, it went out again, so I figured, hey, I'll put on another new one myself. The starter for that little Kaw is $190, plus tax and that isn't installed. For that price they should last more than a few months, plus that 21" doesn't get used much so the starter wasn't used much. I pull start that puppy now. :)