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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SangerLawn, Aug 26, 2007.

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    This was my first year mowing for myself and I got a late start this year. Most of the customers I have I got by passing out flyers. On average I get 1 customer for every 200 flyers I pass out (I think most people already had someone mowing for them). I got some by going door to door, a few from a news paper add, and a couple off of referrals. my yellow pages add will not be out until november.:cry:

    Now I started on my own in June of this year. All in all I have about 25 weekly customers and about 30 customers that just call when they want it mowed. I am hoping to get rid of them because they are a pain in the tail, just have them until I get more regular customers.

    I really worked my butt off getting the customers I got, although I am very thank full for them, next year I would at least like to have a full schedule. Almost all of the lawns I have are very small and I can do them in about 20-30 minutes or less and have been extremely lucky to have close routes most days.

    Can anyone give me some good ideas on growing a little faster? Is it better to have a lot of small yards that take 10-20 minutes but are so small they should only be about 15 dollars but your getting 25 or 30 (condo’s) because of your minimum charge verses large lawns.

    As of right now I only work 4 hours Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I am off on Tuesday and have an orchard I mow on Friday; it takes me about 2 hours including drive time. On all of my off time I am still passing out flyers but hardly getting any call. I have hit several areas 5 or 6 times with business cards hoping they will remember my company name next year. I do everything from tree removal to pressure washing, small land scapping to mowing along with just about everything else that could be asked.

    i honestly believe i have spent enough money on flyers, bussiness cards, and gas passing them out to equal or get close to, my income for the year.... not to mention all the walking.
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    I have a "mix" of large and small turfs

    The largest takes 8 hrs with a 52" Snapper Commercial Z

    The smallest takes 30 minutes with a 21" Snapper push mower

    I have 2 churches and a YMCA

    The rest are residential---average time spent at each is 1 1/2 hrs---somewhere around 15 residentials that average an acre or so each

    I have some turf thats sloped too steep for a Z---and some turf thats flat as pancakes

    I'm solo and prefer it that way---no hassle with employee taxes and employee's "Milking" the system

    Don't put all your eggs in one basket----mix up the large turfs with the small---if you loose a small turf---it isn't no big deal---if you loose a large turf---well---the smaller ones have a way of making ends meet until another big turf comes along---which usually isn't long.

    I've passed out flyers till I was "blue in the face"---with good results

    I've had a small ad in the local paper with good results

    Word of mouth works

    Too---many of the "Mow by Nite"ers "bail out"---and I've gotten several turfs from them
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    If you already have 55 customers after 2 months in the business, i would say you are already growing fast.
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    I just read the post about asking questions like this under this forum. I apologize. I never even looked at the other forums. I am new here and thought by going to a commercial mowing forum it would cover all questions and comments about that topic.Now I know and it wont happen again, sorry to offend all of the pros.

    ??? after reading what I just wrote it sounds like I am being a smart @ss… I really am not trying to be, just not sure how else to put it??
  5. SangerLawn

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    Yes but only 25 on a regular basis…. I also counted those one time cuts because they are under on calls on my pc, out of those 30 some that are on call most of them I only cut once and others maybe twice, not to mention they are almost knee high when I get there. Some are even from trees I took down, sorry I should have put all that on the original post. All in all I probably only have about 6 or 7 real on call customers.
  6. Dunn's

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    If you get small or large lawns all depends on what you are most comfortable with. Some guys buy a z and go after all the large yards,large commercial.

    Some feel most comfortable with small walk behinds and only go ater the small to mediums sized lawns.

    You just have to find you niche.

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