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    I just a mulch job for a new customer. she asked how many yards of mulch I thought I'd need. I told her roughly 14 +/-. she then says the last guy used to use 15yds. well we did it and only used 11. then she told me the reason she dumped the last guy is because after several year at 15yds he suddenly chargered her for 22 yards of mulch last year! I did 11, kinda thick and even alittle further than he did and he claimed to have used 22. talk about honesty. nothing like taking advantage of an older woman.
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    This is not unlike LS posts that speak about charging a customer to bag the clippings on their lawn, but only hang the bag on the mower, and use a mulch plug to mulch the clippings. These kinds of posts are not that uncommon.
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    My way of thinking is if you are honest and are not ripping people off you will make more money than if you were a not honest and a rip off.

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