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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by AdvLandscapeLLC, Jul 16, 2013.

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    Hey guys, so I have been toying around the idea of getting into a hooklift for my landscaping business and to spread into the dumpster world. Doing the market research in the area it seems as though the local companies have a higher profit margin on the smaller scale dumpsters 10-20 yarders. Now my math is based on known dumping fees at the local stations and what these companies are advertising online but if my math is right it seems like there can be good money in this work and it will make my landscape company more versatile, diverse and efficient. Any variables and expenses other than fuel,insurance,registration, dumping fees,repairs i should know about?
    For example right now I need a dump truck in the worst way the goose neck dumptrailer is not efficient for me anymore and i figure why not get a hook that will accomplish all my dumping tasks and still allow me to branch out into other lines of work which can keep me busy year round.
    Truck wise i'm between getting and f-550 to f-750 sized truck I just cant find enough information out there to help me make a well educated decision on what would be best. I know bigger hauls more, but with bigger trucks come higher expenses. Repairs cost more, insurance costs more along with registration etc. Any help for someone looking to take an educated leap would be more than appreciated.
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    Ask anyone that owns both and most ppl will say that the 550 size trucks have the same or more repairs. Plus they run out of payload fast.

    As far as dumpster running for profit, I watch these guys all day and wonder how they make money besides in volume. So many people get a 20 yarder and say it for clean concrete and they fill the bottom with wood and crap. Pay cash and its on the dumpster co problem to sort out the aftermath.
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    thanks bro, ttt
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    I am looking at getting into the dumpster business. I am torn between a f-550 and a 33k gvw truck.

    Reason I want a 550 is because it seems more universal. I can drive it anywhere and can get away with it being in my driveway without a box on it. Problem is with a 15 yard box it will have an empty weight of 12,500. Only leaving 3 tons payload. I am also looking at a v-10.
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    you can get a f750 in anywhere you can take a f550. you could also look into some of the larger cabovers like kenworth k270
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    I have thought about doing something similar because I have a dump trailer that I pretty much only use for fall cleanups. I have thought about renting it out for smaller scale cleanups (where people don't need a big container). The only challenge is in NJ we need special tags when going to the dump in commercial vehicles. I have "Self Generator" tags on my truck and dump trailer. I believe if I wanted to get into a haul away business with other peoples junk, I would need a different tag. I think for my dump tag and truck tag it's about 100 bucks a year. Think if I wanted the appropriate tag for hauling other peoples junk, the tag price would be much higher. Not sure if your state is the same. I just hate seeing equipment that just sits. My brother in law is a contractor so I do occassionally make money hauling away his stuff.

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    I own an F650 with a switch and go and here is my 2 cents, you will make more landscaping than you will with dumpsters. For me I make go money with dumpsters when they hold on to it for a few weeks and I get the rental off doing nothing. Very versatile truck for landscaping. I would go with a truck under cdl 25,999 gvw or below that way anyone can drive it . I bought mine for landscaping and do a side business with 5 dumpsters, I don't advertise for it just all word of mouth keeps them busy. Also if you go with under cdl look at a winch setup versus a hooklift will save you weight even though you will have to get your ass out of the cab to unhook it. if going over cdl then go with a hook lift.
  9. extremecutter

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    Go with a f 650 or f 750. there can make money in it. have strict rules on what goes in it. rent to homeowners, landlords, small contractor. I worked for a company that we rented them for 3 days. sometimes we could rent them 3 times in a week, because the homeowner would fill it in one day and what it emptied and brought back to fill it again or was just down with it. most of the time disposal would be low because the trash would be light household trash. if we rented it 3 times, probably 400-550 a week per dumpster. don't get me wrong, there were slow times. take good with bad
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    What do you do when a builder pays you cash on drop for "light demo" and they fill it with concrete and throw some drywall on top? People are sick, I see it all the time at the dumps

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