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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ShadyTree, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. ShadyTree

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    AEL, what is your CT on you truck?

    Earthmover you are correct we are based out go Monmouth county NJ. I know it's a short truck when you think about a container truck but we want the versatility of a hooklift truck but with the size of a tandem dump truck.

    Has anyone ever heard of putting a weight kit on the front of this truck. Our truck dry weighs a little over 28k when we have 20 ton on the truck we have some weight to spare so I wasn't sure if we can add some weight to the front. Adjust the hook height to 61.75 and go to a 16 or 17 ft box
  2. ShadyTree

    ShadyTree LawnSite Member
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  3. alldayrj

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    Can you push the jib out a little before the box rocks over the fulcrum to put more weight on the truck?
  4. ShadyTree

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    I forgot to mention that this is when the truck was pick 12 tons. The truck never came off the ground with the initial pick on came off when we pick the box completely off the ground. Like I said the 17 ton box the truck came right up both times
  5. ShadyTree

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    I think if I had a longer box I could probably do that. With the 14ft box the angle of the box is so steep that I wouldn't be surprised if I had something filled to the top of the box the contents would dump out
  6. ewsa

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    Air suspension right? You try dumping the bags before you pick the box?
  7. ShadyTree

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    No, it's a rubber mount Hendrickson suspension. I've looked at the swaploader picture gallery on their web page under the model I bought which is a SL-400 and not one had a stabilizer on the back. I can't figure out what is going wrong. Still haven't heard anything from the reps.
  8. treemover

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    The front axle being set back moves a little weight off the front, but if you look in swaploader gallery they show a low cab forward tandem, so my axle placement idea isn't real strong. You could remove the front bumper and add some some heavy plate until u get it figured out. Then remount ur bumper. You think they would have seen this before and have an idea or fix
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  9. ShadyTree

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    This was my complaint the entire time. With them doing thousands of trucks nation wide why didn't they ever mention to me that with my exact setup I will need a stabilizer setup. This can't be the first time it has happened
  10. zabmasonry

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    I'm just assuming that the axles are mounted as far back on the frame as possible.

    The rotation point on the boom is very far back on that hoist.Additionally the boom seems pretty long for how short that truck is. I don't have any first-hand experience with swap-loaders, but it seems to me that the geometry of the hoist is just weird. Is the boom pin on the hoist at least above or preferably forward of the center point between the axles? assuming that your truck is within their specs, I'm wondering if the hoist on your truck was built for a long Cab-Axle (grunion) and ended up being cut down (from the back) to fit your frame.

    I've picked 10 ton with a single axle hook lift (f750) with no problems, definitely felt it unload a bit, but nothing like that. There is definitely something screwy with that.

    I'm not going to get out paper tonight and start doing force diagrams, but I'd demand the manufacture gets an engineer involved to figure this out. It's clear that this isn't just a matter of just a funny situation but a clear error at some point. At some point in the design process engineers must of spent a lot of time figuring out how to avoid having this happen.

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