Hook trucks! GREAT in the landscape field!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by nonamelandscaping, Nov 6, 2013.

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    We had a hook truck in the past and saved a great deal of time and money while in the landscape and lawn care field. They can cost over 100k for a new one built but there are a few good deals on some used ones too. I have seen some nice ones for in the 30's to 40's.
    You can pretty much get any body to put on the hook truck. There are many mfg's that offer bodies for these trucks. Low pro dumpsters for easy loading by hand or with a small loader. We liked that you could easily push a wheel barrow of sod or debris into the back. Our guys where either hurting their backs or taking a long time loading sod and debris into the dump trucks by hand. But with a roll off body we wouldn't need a machine for loading heavy items. High side boxes for hauling off bush and debris. Then you can roll on a flat bed for all you hauling needs. Put a water tanker on for the hot summer months or a salt spreader on it in the winter.
    I have even seen companies have mini concrete bodies installed or hauling small concrete for the footings or small pads & walks where it didn' make sense to pay to have a large concrete truck come out and get hit with a min charge for a small amount of concrete. You can either get a hook or cable type system. I am sure there are benefits to both but we have always used a hook over a cable style system out of ease and safety. One hook truck could replace many other trucks. Less wear and tear, plates, taxes, insurance ect.
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    Pics of this concrete body?

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