Hope I didn't screw up.....again.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grass-scapes, Oct 29, 2004.

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    I was on my way to the local Walker dealer to get a part when I spotted it.....Its a 26HP EFI Walker Model T....2002...with 652 hours on it. I have the 18 Hp 2003 model C with 599 hours on it. I asked the dealer if I traded mine for his, what would it cost me.
    $1500.00 out the door.
    Needless to say, I got it. The deck wasn't in as good as shape as mine, so I kept mine and just swapped the decks.

    My thinking is, since I can't use any of the larger attachments nor does anyone make any of the neat things for the model C ( the one that lifts from the back to access everything) i.e. assisted dumping, locking tail wheel, large decks, aerevator, etc..
    Did I do the right thing? I paid 8200 plus tax for my Model C when I bought it and the Model T retails now for nearly 11,000.
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    Sounds like a decent deal to me, more horsepower is always better.

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