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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DeepRoots, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. DeepRoots

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    so, I heard about this new development about 35miles from me.
    Figured I was in the neighborhood today and I'd take a look.

    wow... musta been 200-300houses, small houses, small yards, but I figured a good potential for putting in alot of irrigation, especially since the builder was sodding all the lots. I also saw alot of hoses/sprinklers set out in the yard. Gee I was thinking this was a goldmine.

    After a little looking around, talking to a handful of homeowners, I was informed the builder was doing the (crappy, four shrub special) landscaping/sod, and irrigation.
    So I took a look at the irrigation. 6 heads per yard. 1 on each corner of the house and two extra ones out front.
    Maybe (if lucky) the water was actually hitting 50% of the yard. No overlapping, etc. Not to mention the heads on the corner of the houses would be worthless when the shrubs finally grew taller than 6inches.

    So, all the homeowners agreed, the irrigation is pretty worthless, but they have no intentions of doing away with it and doing it properly since it's already there..... Of course the area has community water, and "Huh? whats a backflow preventor?"

    anyway, thats all I had to say... maybe vent a little bit.
    I really wish sometimes there was some sort of licensing requirement for these turds.

    being a Georgia irrigator sucks.
  2. Dirty Water

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    Thats not unusual. There are a handfull of new developments like that here.

    I often see a 500 sq ft yard being watered with 3 rotors.

  3. kozmo

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    We licenses in NJ and we still see same crap. A license dose not make a good contractor although it helps.
  4. Lawnworks

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    Are there any license requirements for a GA irrigator?
  5. grasswhacker

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  6. WetWell

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    Maybe he sent in the plot to one of those free irrigation design services and they sent him back this lame setup :laugh:
  7. Flow Control

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    So what are you telling me, not only am I installing incorrectly but my design sucks too?????????? It's ok I figured out how to do a whole yard in 4 heads. I in the middle of the front, one in the middle of the back and one on each side. I am also experimenting with the thought of installing just one (two if I have to) on the roof of each home spraying 360 degrees. Good....right! lol....
  8. Flow Control

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  9. WetWell

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    An irrigation system and roof fire suppressor system combined, could charge double for that one.:laugh:
  10. PurpHaze

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    I believe Boots and I are well ahead of you guys on this one. After discussing this same idea in a different thread quite a while back we patented the idea. I'll use the system out here during the fall/winter when the Santa Ana winds kick up and fire bugs go to work. He will also use the system in the dead of winter to give all his contract homes that "icicle" look... like Santa's Village. :laugh:

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