Hoping to get advice on a self-propelled, push mower bigger than 21”

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by chocula, Apr 20, 2018.

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    My yard is about an acre with a big hill in the backyard that has to be mowed with a push mower. I do own a riding mower, but it needs to be repaired.

    I will sometimes bag, but mostly mulch. I have a craftsmen mower now that runs just fine, but at 21”, it takes a long time to cut the grass.

    I am looking for a suggestion on a mower larger than 21”. The reason for considering a bigger mower is that it would cut down on my mowing time.

    I have looked at a Honda (21” though), cub cadet and the Toro Timemaster. I am open to any mower, but just happened to look at those. The problem is that for every great review, i find another one that says they are bad mowers (excpet the Honda).

    I am not exactly a young guy, so i think the self-propelled option would be best. I will get some exercise but hoping the bigger mower speeds the cutting time.

    I will skip cutting the backyard sometimes so the grass can be pretty thick and tall after two weeks.

    What mower would you recommend?

    Thank you
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    Check out a larger walk behind like a 36. All the big mowers companies have a 36.
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