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  1. lightninglawncare

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    i just got back about two hours ago from a job where i was stung by three hornets. the homeowner said that wd-40 will kill them immediatel unfortunatly we didnt have any on hand. i was wondering if anybody has ever tried that before and if it really works so i can keep a can ready
  2. TLS

    TLS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I heard of spraying WD-40 on your SKIN to kill the pain after a sting, but never to KILL a Bee.

    Use Bee killer to kill bees, save the WD-40 for rusted bolts!
  3. grassdaddy

    grassdaddy LawnSite Senior Member
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    You better have a NEW can of hornet spray before going to battle with them!!Hornets are BAD!!:eek:
  4. TLS

    TLS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Best stuff out there is made by CRC. Its their version of Hornet and Wasp spray. Comes with a MSDS, so you know it must be good stuff.

    This is what Bell-Tell lineman use up on the poles.
  5. J&R

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    Here's a trick buy a can of spray glue when it hits there wings they wont fly no more.
  6. GreenQuest Lawn

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    LOL I just used this method tonight, I was in the garage and a big arse hornet landed by me, I happened to have a can of heavy duty spray adhesive sitting there, I gave him a squirt and in an instant he was all stuck together.

    Another thing you can use in a pinch is things with alcohol in it. I tried lock deicer (main ingredient is alcohol) works in less than 5 seconds, once they are hit they can no longer fly and in 15 sec they have all but stopped moving. Some house hold cleaners work well too.
  7. pottstim

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    I once used Super Lube to kill a hornet, which is similar to WD40. It was the only thing I could find at the time, and when the stuff hit him, he fell to the ground and died. So, I would say the WD40 would probably work. One other thing that works great is brake parts cleaner. Burns 'em up every time! :D
  8. Let it Grow

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    Use whatever you must, but KILL THEM!!! I got stung by one about two weeks ago and I had a swollen finger for four days...now I'm at war with them all!!!
  9. LOL, a man after my own heart.
  10. crawdad

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    When I was in the Navy Seabees, we were fixing up some barracks, so that Waves could come in and take all of the good shore duty. We had to fix a lot of screens on the second story, walking on a narrow catwalk around the barracks. This was in Hawaii, where the wasps have all year to build their nests. We had no wasp and hornet spray. The Seabee motto is "Can do" so we improvised. We found something that works better than anything I have used before, or since. CO2 fire extinguisher. Freezes them in mid air.
    In true military tradition, we used something far more expensive than if they had gotten us the right stuff.

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