Horrible experience at Hustler dealer?!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by oldcrappymower, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. oldcrappymower

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    I kind of have a bad feeling about the dealer too. The fastrack is out of my budget. $3,000 is already pushing things for me. Maybe I'll go check out the MZ but that's a couple hundred more with the kawi engine and I just don't know if I can afford it. Worth the drive I suppose.

    Thanks guys.
  2. oldcrappymower

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    I'm a complete noob as far as this mowing experience goes. Like I said, I've never had a nice mower before and I just thought it would be more like buying a car. It seems with the few amount of dealers out there, there isn't much competition or customer service. I would never drive to a ford dealership and ask them to sell me a car I'd never seen before or even sat in. No test drive, completely sight unseen. Nobody buys a car like that. Buying a mower that way seems pretty crazy to me. I might still do it, but...hmmm.
  3. GMLC

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    Yup...if you read enough LS threads Hustler and BB have about the worst customer service.
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  4. dathorpe

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    The thing is, most of the guys on here are lawn care professionals and they're used to dealing with zero turns in the $6,000.00 and up range. Real pro grade equipment. You're inquiring about a $3,000.00 mower and in that range, most of us are thinking used walk behind with a sulky. That's just how most professionals will look at it - rather have a used piece of commercial equipment than a new piece of home owner equipment.

    If I had to have a brand new zero turn and I couldn't spend more than three grand, I'd go pick up a Toro or Ariens home owner model from home depot. If all you'll be mowing is your own yard, it'll be fine.

    Now, back to Hustler. What you described is exactly why I have no interest in purchasing Hustler products. Here where I live, there are three Scag dealers, four Exmark dealers, two Toro dealers, and three JD dealers. All are big time commercial grade equipment dealers within 70 miles of each other. The Hustler dealer has a little shack repair shop out in the sticks with one Fast Trak in stock.
  5. crazyflyboy30

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    From Hustler website .

    "Hustler has been committed to for almost fifty years and is backed by Hustler’s industry leading three-year warranty* and unmatched customer care"

  6. oldcrappymower

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    I completely understand the inadequacy of my budget, but I have consistently heard that spending $3,000 at huster or bad boy or gravely or exmark is going to certainly be better than going to home depot to get something similar. Would you disagree with that? I mean it would certainly be easier to go to home depot, and it would likely be cheaper. I guess that I have been convinced that getting a fabricated deck and kawi mower on the huster raptor for example is worth going to huster for as compared to whatever I might pick up at home depot. I completely understand that what I'm looking for is not for a lawn mowing service and most of you are not looking for a mower only for their yard, but I would like a mower that will last me for eight or ten years instead of being replaced in three or four and I have gathered on here that if I go with one of these dealer brands I am much more likely to get that. Am I wasting money going with one of these brands for my yard?

    Thanks guys.
  7. kawakx125

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    have you thought about looking for a used, low hour commercial machine from a big name mfg? just doing your own yard it'll last you forever
  8. MTenterprises

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    I agree with this. For example, I would sell you my 06 exmark Viking 36" with sulky for about $2500. It is clean as hell, rarely gets used, built like a tank and will out live you. Go commercial if you don't want to buy again in a few years.
  9. dathorpe

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    If you're talking about zero turns in the 3k range, I don't believe there's going to be much of a difference. The Ariens I mentioned is basically a home owner Gravely. The dealer home owner type Toro is probably going to be the same Toro that home depot is selling. The only benefit I can see is the dealer will be more willing to service equipment you buy from them.

    Honestly, if you're only mowing your yard, I would expect to get 8-10 years out of the home owner zeros... assuming proper maintenance. I don't think you're going to get solid equipment in the 3k range. Unless, as someone mentioned on here, you buy a used commercial walk behind with a sulky for 3k. In reality, that's where you're at IF... you truly want a superior mower. But when they break, commercial mowers cost more to fix.

    You can slice that apple as many times as you want but in the end, 3k gets you 3k's worth.
  10. weeze

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    forget hustler man. go buy a husqvarna rz5426. they cost $3000 brand new. they sale them at lowes or other places like ace hardware or a husqvarna dealer.

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