Horrible Lawn Drainage

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Hubbard's Landscape, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Hubbard's Landscape

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    I have a lawn that is muddy and wet, I can't really put a drain that will drain off the lawn because of the concrete driveway around the lawn. I was thinking a french drain would help. Will aeration and thatching help to solve the problem?

    I am not sure what to do. The owner said we should re-seed it but I think next year unless the drainage is fixed it will have standing water on it again? Any suggestions would be GREAT!

    SMITHSCAPE LawnSite Member
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    I would try aerating before jumping to a french drain.
  3. Keegan

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    from CT
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    what type of soil, clay?
  4. betmr

    betmr LawnSite Bronze Member
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    How about adding soil to raise it up above & sloping too the concrete, and fill in low spots that are holding water, instead of sloping off to the concrete to be drained away?

    Any pictures available? to see what you have there?
  5. Surfdunn

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    take a look around the property first. Like betmr said check the grade. If the grade is alright check to make sure you dont have any down spouts, hills, or anything with some sort of flow pointed into your problem area. Next check the soil conditions with either a soil prob or just dig a hole. Before you decide to use a french drain check out ndspro.com they have some awesome stuff for draining water.
  6. dave50kate

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    Exactly as others (above) have stated: If the owner is wanting to reseed, see if you can realistically change the grade, adding soil. Ask around about the construction history( older neighborhood residents are great resources), also check the soil profile for clay layers or compaction zones deeper down.
    I have several clients that live in an area that was built up with construction compacted excavates of impermeable C horizon soils, 3 feet deep. These areas have no winter drainage, they fill up and won't dry out until May. There are also some subsurface flows feeding water int the area. French drains, drain tiled to the curb through the downspout drains have had some effect diverting water, although the contractors who've installed them haven't been thorough enough and more probably need to be installed.

    I've considered drilling some holes through the compaction layers into the native soil beneath and filling with perforated drain tile maybe filled with pea gravel... ??? Don't know if that'll ever happen.
  7. RigglePLC

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    Have a talk with a professional. Drainage guys. Or --more likely-- your favorite irrigation contractor. They have the equipment. They will likely bore a pipe under drive and install drainage tube with pea gravel around pipe and replace sod. Route evestroughs away from problem area.
  8. DiyDave

    DiyDave LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have had good luck installing sand point drains in small areas, but I would want a look at the property, before I make any recommendations over the net. Got pictures?:waving:
  9. FYS777

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    first ?? is the wet conditions caused by the sprinklers or the rainy weather? if rainy, do you have gutters and down spouts. if you do, do they drain into the lawn or ??
  10. SeedPro

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    Dry well. Need to dig a big hole in the middle of the low area about the size of a fifty five gallon drum and get one of those plastic barrel deals, fill it with pea gravel, top it off with soil, sod and put one of those drain covers there.

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