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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by PT777, Aug 21, 2012.

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    I filled in an inground pool in 2006 and planted KBG. I use Milorganite 4 times a year. My neighbors dont do anything to their lawns. I put down grub control in late June this and every year. As you can see, my yard is now a mess (front and back) while my neihbors are all green (neibors yard is beyond the evergreen trees). They all have recently asked me what happened to my lawn as they always say it looks the best in the neiborhood. Any help appreciated!

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    Your soil didn't hold the moisture very well, or maybe you mowed too short when you shouldn't have mowed at all, could be fungal disease... I'd look at the soil and see it is holding moisture and air, or just one or the other...
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    Thanks for the input. For what it's worth I mow with a 46" Cub Cadet on the highest deck setting with Gator blades that I sharpen in spring and mid-summer. Milorganite down Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day/Halloween.
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    Tell us a bit about how much/often you water and how. In those browned out areas, press a screwdriver into a few spots and see how easily the screwdriver goes into the soil. Watering/compaction are 2 things that come to mind immediately with this scenario.

    What did you see happen over the summer...did it slowly turn brown, was water collecting, lots of foot traffic? Tell us what you think is different between your lawn and the neighbors or this year versus the past years when it looked better. More pics would help also.
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    In May and June I watered my back yard only (sperate sections per day, as yard is big) through a hose and sprinkler for about an hour each area. Neighbors never watered. My front lawn is completely brown, back is half brown. I have hered of and tried the screwdriver tool to test throughout the summer and it always went in smooth, even the front yard. A house about 10 down from mine is the same.

    A friend of mine has a landscaping company and he doesnt even know why my yard is like this and he's been in the business for 20+ years (pretty much just cutting and brick patios), but he is going to kill entire front yard and then hydoseed in September. Back yard is bad, but not as bad as front. Front yard is completely 75% original bent grass (I think, because it grows to about 6" and lays flat) and 25% KBG from overseeding through the years.

    I have lived here since 2004 and always had a company treat my lawn and it always looked great until last summer and had the same problem, but nowhere near as bad. I cancelled their service and started doing it myself with Milorganite as of July 2011. This year entire front yard is like the pic.
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    This is like a long-distance lawn autopsy. Lots of people think their neighbors do nothing--underground nighttime irrigation is sometimes the difference. Dry spells have been a problem in your area.

    Possibly the pool was filled in with a sandy soil that dries out too quickly. Is the grass most dead in the sunniest area? Near the house, you probably get a half day of shade. Near the neighbor's trees you probably get a bit of shade--although--there is a band of brown grass along the back left, for some reason. Grass looks a bit clumpy.

    There is a chance this is not Kentucky bluegrass. Kentucky bluegrass spreads by underground stems called rhizomes. Perennial rye grass is a bunch grass and does not spread except by growing bigger clumps. If your Kentucky bluegrass was supplied by a seed company that mixed Kentucky bluegrass with perennial rye and/or red fescue...the Kentucky bluegrass (which is very slow to germinate) may have failed--leaving you with mostly perennial rye and red fescue. Neither do well above 90 degrees. Perennial rye is sensitive to grey leaf spot.

    This is a good week to reseed. Get it professionally slit-seeded. Seed germinates quick when the soil temperature is high. And fall rains should be a help. Nothing wrong with sod either--looks great in a front yard. Install irrigation for best results. Use the Milorganite as starter fertilizer. Fertilize at 30 and 60 days after your new grass is installed to stimulate thickening before winter. It is best to use a turf fertilizer as it would contain potassium, and Milorganite contains no potassium. (6-2-0).
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    Thanks, I personally filled in the pool years ago and had new screened soil brought in and I used Pennington seed which did have rye in it. I have a large yard and all areas my friend (the landscaper) has re-done with seed from his supplier is doing great and is green (the areas where I had trees taken out). He sprayed to kill off front lawn yesterday and said he'd be back in 2 weeks with a few loads of new soil and hydroseed. I hope that works. I live in an older neighborhood (1950's) and am pretty much the only one with this problem, front and back, and back is only 5yrs old. problems stop exactly at property lines as does the house down the street.
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    Milorganite? Oh God!! No!! Could get the same results with rock salt.
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