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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vegomatic40, Mar 30, 2002.

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    Two weeks ago I drove to a customers property and began to do the app. A few paces back and forth and I began to see little yellow prills near the walks and drive. I stopped doing the app and called the customer at work. This guy proudly told me that he had already put down a pre-m with fert. app and that he "just wanted to get better results than last year." While I service nearly 500 customers on a regular basis each year, I remembered this lawn distinctly. Started out the previous year with a good looking TTFescue lawn that I had seeded/aerated precisely and even coached the guy on his irrigation settings. Came out fantastic. I did the spring app. in late Feb. 2001 (with all the goodies) then round 2 in early April. Mid-May the turf started getting Rhizoctonia pretty bad so I put down fungy and quizzed the guy on his irrigation. He was watering almost every day for hours! By late summer the lawn was a disaster that I couldn't quite figure out (I'm no rookie) but something was squirrely. Now I know what happened. The customer was doing apps exactly 2 weeks after I had done each of my 6 apps. I estimate that with my 3.0lb of N/yr, he added another 4-5 lb of N! A lovely combination of 2 pre-emergents to prune the roots, excess N to push top growth and disease with the crowning turd of about 3" of irrigation/wk to make it nice and soggy. To make this brief, I canceled his service until he decides that what I do is exactly what his lawn needs and he puts only 3 things on his lawn...Proper amount of water...His lawn mower...and his feet. Have hundreds of stories of customer "self diagnosis and treatment" and just thought I would share this little jewel with you guys. Oh yeah, all these LCO's are irresponsible with pesticides right?
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    went to give an estimate. Guy said "First of every month I want you to put down 4 bags of Durban on my 6,000 sg ft lot. you don't see any insects in my yard do you." Sure we just love to spend money on chemicals, all the fish aren't dead.
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    I've only been doing apps for 3 years and can't really say that I have any that can match those but I did get a laugh out of the stories. I know its really not funny but I can just picture these people. I have a friend who put 4 bags of cheap fertilizer on a lawn that at best required one. He had an intense mowing experience for a while.
    I think fertilizer and pesticides should be like prescription drugs.
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    Customers old LCO came 1hr after I had been their put my flag I his truck and treated the lawn. The baby setter saw it all. The next day it got up in the 90s and didn’t rain for a month. That was one less yard I had to mow for the year. They killed every blade of grass in the lawn. My customer stopped their service with this LCO 2 years prier to this
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    I had a fert customer I arived to do last month, Pre-M was already applied, they did not know who did it, Chem-Lawn did the lawn next door and we assume they did this one also.
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    I believe instead of Regulating us (the licenced applicator) the government should limit the sale of chemicals to homeowners. The are doing more damage to the enviorment they we ever will. Most people have the more is better theory.

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