Horrors found in leaf piles

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by b & t lawn care, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. b & t lawn care

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    It's that time of year again. LEAF PILES !!! :angry: Pulled into job site and there was a leaf pile, 4 ft high, 12 ft wide, 14 ft long! We looked at each other and jokingly said, "wonder what we will find hidden. Started grinding with the Great Dane when what to our horror we found but 6 tennis balls (boy did they fly), 2 plastic balls, a plastic whistler tube, and a BASEBALL BAT !!! Luckily no one got hit by flying debree. Was glad we didn't go right in with the Walker first. Called the home owner to explain why his fall clean-up bill will be 1 hr. longer in charges due to the leaf pile. His reply was, oh well, the kids had fun. Yah, at our expense. Hate to say anything to owner & risk making him mad as we have 5 of his reletives properties too. What would you all do or done as I'm sure this has happened lots out there. :blob2:
  2. wriken

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    I was thinking about that yesterday, when I was sucking up a pile the homeowner raked up.
  3. Expert Lawns

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    I was drving through a city street today and saw a huge pile of leaves in the road. All they have to do is blow them to the curb and the city sucks them up. Well, I wanted to just bust through this pile of leaves SO BAD. It had to be 4ft high. Could have been kids in there hiding or something like that. It is just an accident waiting to happen
  4. Runner

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    Yes, in some areas around downtown (the college-cultural area), some people put things like cynder blocks under the piles so when these kids come bust through late at night in dad's car, they get a surprise. Yes, the homeowner is liable for it, but they are always able to say. "There was a what?"
  5. Expert Lawns

    Expert Lawns LawnSite Silver Member
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    Runner - that is exactly where I was.
  6. GardenTech

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    That's why we always kick the piles flat before we pick them up...

    Hey, you may think you know, but you never ever REALLY know, you know?
  7. Expert Lawns

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    Last week I had 2 accounts where the kids raked the leaves into piles then left them there. I hate mowing around them. They blow everywhere, ruin my stripes, and just make the lawn look crappy.
  8. CNYScapes

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    I chewed up a rake a few years back, made some nice woodchips. I put it on the front porch and never heard anything about it. That'll teach em!!
  9. Movinfr8

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    Nice timing!!

    Yesterday, I was mulching the leaves at my mom's house, about 2 acres and a LOT of trees! anyway, I was cruising over some rough ground, and the right blade slammed into the mulch kit and stopped, smoking the belt, and bending the bolts that hold the mulch kit in place. I had hit a pine tree stump about 2 inches in diameter!!pushed the mulch kit into the blade.
    I had to remove the Mulch kit and finish side discharging the leaves into piles and running thru them till they were dust and then distribute the dust around. Will be more careful next time.
  10. Green in Idaho

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    Several years ago a story hit the local news that a janitor found a shotgun in a pile of LEAVES on the grounds of a local elementary school. It was along the perimeter fence of the school and then of course houses were on the other side of the fence.

    It was MY shotgun! It was stolen out of my truck about 2 weeks ealier. I had filed a report and all and then I see it show up on the local TV news. Boy was I surprised! I called and talked to the principal to explain and such. Police said I could come pick it up at their office. I said, "no thanks. you can keep it". It was a poc to begin with... But another example what may lurk in the leaves....

    Anyone found a BODY yet???

    BobbyG, Any NJ mafia disposals on your properties? :eek:

    "Hey, Two-Fingers, just throw it out into the pile of leaves and let the lawn boy compost it.-- Save the cement." Imagine mowing along and you see some toes sticking out of the leaves right in front of your mower...... YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It goes well with Halloween... :blob2:

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