Horse Burial


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For this customer, I probably would have done it for free if needed. He is extremely wealthy and would not let me take less than 400 for it. He knows that I live an hour away and that most of the job was just driving/ loading. Apparently last time they had one pass, Someone driving by called the police!
Very good. :)


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I will say. I got your pic rclawn.
And yes 100% you did bury a little horse.
It's not disrespectful though to post a pic of a dead horse.
I was our Township Sexton for 10 yrs, I've buried probably 50 people, now that would be disrespectful to post those burials.
On a lighter note, the excavation company we hire for burials also charges $400 to dig and backfill human graves.


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Good to know I’m in the ballpark! It’s hard to go any deeper than 4 or 5 feet with the e40. It’s rated for 48” but if you dig yourself down a little with the tooth bucket you can get deeper. But it gets a little sketchy past a certain point lol.

Main reason I didn’t want to post pic on here was because this guy acted like he had lost a human, I felt really bad for him. It was a pretty grim deal- he was there the entire time watching. The horse was 13 years old apparently (I thought it looked younger because it was small). I guess some of them live to be like 30.

On a serious note, if there was a market for this sort of thing you could make a lot of money. But it’s more of a one off thing, most people that own horses have a tractor or skid to do it themselves, or just burn
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