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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by corycc, May 11, 2002.

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    My first eXmark was a Metro 36 and I opted for the 15 Kaw, lots of power. This engine never bogs down, even through 8 inch wet grass (I realize this is also due to deck design). I demoed a Lazer HP w/ 23 Kaw, and flew through tall grass without the engine bogging down(Partially due to Ultra Cut Deck). I chose to go with a WB because of hills on my properties, and I probably would have bought a TT52, just because of the Horse Power, but at that time only the HP had ECS and I really wanted that. So I went with the TTHPECS52 with the 17HP Kaw. If there was any other engine option with more HP I would have gone with that. My engine is constantly bogging down, and it is getting frustrating. I wish I had 23hp and the Ultra Cut Deck not the Trivantage, I wish I had a new TT52! The things we do for ECS! So, is there any way I can fit my TTHP52 with a 19hp or more engine? Or are there complications? of course there are.:blob4: :cry:
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    Yes, there are complications and unfortunately we can not recommend that you install a 19 hp on your Turf Tracer hp. With the current belt technology that is available it is possible that the added torque of the 19 could shorten the life of the PTO belt. We also do not know if the 19 would stress any other components on the engine deck or the mower deck

    I did talk to engineering and they will not recommend anything they have not tested. This for the most part has helped us find most issues with a design before we go into production but even at that things can come up that you did not plan on.

    At this time the only way to get more power is to jump up to the full size Turf Tracer with all the power, UltraCut deck, ECS controls, heavier engine deck, heavier front frame and larger tires. That's a lot of extra benefit in one package.

    Wish we could be more help.


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    That's what I figured. I wish you had the new TT out one year earlier. Thanks.

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