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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by klaf, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. klaf

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    We are currently working on 13000 sq ft lockstone job at a horse ranch. Lockstone is going all arounf the barn and inside the barn. The first barn they built about four years ago just has a concrete floor inside and they had 2 horse shoes at each entrance set into the concrete when the floor was being poured.

    Since the new barn has interlock inside that can't be done so i was wondering if there is a router bit of some type that I could buy or rent that would take out the thickness of the shoe in the stone so they could be set in. I have not been able to find anything yet that would work at the local rental places and obviously this is too intricate for a wetsaw or cutoff saw.

  2. Rex Mann

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    I would just cut your pavers around the 'shoe. Then, fill the deepth with concrete or epoxy and put your 'shoe on top.



  3. GMTA

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    Check your local supplier if they know anyone that does paver engraving. Also you could probably take it to a gravestone engraver. They could probably do it for the right price. Good Luck!
  4. klaf

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    really no way to make cuts that intricate, i'm not looking to cut around the shoes in need to set them into the stone.

    The gravestone idea is a good thought though. I'm going to have to look into that one. Thanks
  5. bigviclbi

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    I'd cut around them and do like rexmann says but if you can't the grinder is the way to go.
  6. kootoomootoo

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