horsepower per acreage?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by steve1983, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. steve1983

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    First off, i am not in the business, but i was woundering if you folks could help me out here.
    me and my wife are in dire need of a new lawn tractor. we were looking at a few of them, and one salesman mentioned horsepower per acreage. we have a large area to mow, almost 4 acres, and some on it is on a hill and i have to drive up and down. the one we have now is 13.5 horse power. theres another 13.5 horsepower tractor and a 21 horse power tractor for sale at sears where we were looking at them. after thinking about it, it makes sense to get the 21 horsepower tractor, and spend the extra case for something that would last longer. however, she is considerably more cynical and thinks its just a scam, and the salesman just trying to talk us into spending more money. what do you folks think?
  2. SSS 18734

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    For 4 acres, I would personally get the most powerful tractor with the biggest deck. More power means you can go faster while still retaining a good quality of cut, and a wider deck will let you cut more area in a single pass.

    You could also look into used commercial ZTR's or a giant walkbehind with a sulky. I know you can get a 60" Belt drive w/b for around $3000 brand new if you look around - probably what you would spend on a tractor.
  3. cantoo

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    steve, sounds like the bigger Sears mower is the one you want. 4 acres will kill the 13.5 hp model. Unless you plan to cut only an acre each day. Also the bigger mower will be a nicer ride than the light weight one.
  4. FearThisDeere

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    I'd look more towards compact tractor (around 30 hp) rather than a lawn tractor. You will be cutting 5 days a week with a lawn tractor.
  5. hosejockey2002

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    For just mowing 4 acres, a high end riding mower or a consumer zero-turn mower (ZTR) is what I would look for. You mow with a 13.5 hp mower now, so you know what it takes. A compact utility tractor (CUT) with a belly mower would work great and last forever, but you are looking at around $10-$12K to start.
  6. lawn king

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    I agree 100%. Look for a used diesel CUT or SCUT, you will be way better off. Why kill yourself and some poor garden tractor. Find a used kubota,deere,new holland or massey & you will be much better off! It will cost more up front, but there will be far less pain in repairs & fuel costs.
  7. BQLC

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    A small tractor with a finish mower would work great for you Like others have said it would out last any of the others Good luck with whatever you decide on
  8. Pro-Scapes

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    13 hp is severly underpowered for anything larger that 32 inches posibly 36 inches. Your going to tax that motor too much and your going to have to go much too slow to get a decent cut.

    It seems budget is a factor with the wife so really consider a used ZTR or tractor.

    If your set on sears because a sears card or something then look into a 54" with 20+ hp. the best overall value will be in a heavier duty machine.

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