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    How can a lawmower that weighs almost as much as a small car, be powered adequately with under 30hp? I'm getting a Kubota ZD326 and have several clients lined up already, all close to 1 acre each.
    I'm just floored that this mower seems so powerful, while weighing so much.
    I know is has a lot to do with gearing a speed and I assume rpm, but is seems out of proportion. A subcompact car might have nearly the same weight and have more than 4 times the hp. I just doesn't seem right somehow.
  2. KTO Enterprises

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    Because it doesnt need to do 70 miles per hour.
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    BLACK MAGIC!!! :cool2: :cool2:
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    Actually is quite simple: Aerodynamics

    It takes a tremendous amount of power to push a large object thru air because of resistance and air friction. The faster you go the more power needed, exponentially.

    That's why you need 400 hp in a sport car to reach 160 mph even with all their air bending tricks.

    Remember when you were a kid sticking your hand out the window in your dad's car?


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