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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TNGrassCutter, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. TNGrassCutter

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    Hey guys I have a commercial account with a lot of wripwrap ditch around the property. I'm having no luck controlling horseweed with glyphosate. Anyone know of something that will take this stuff down. Ive mixed it very strong, tried spreader sticker, and it just yellows the tops of the plants for a week or so then greens back up. I read there were reports of gly resistance with this weed, but the University of TN turf website doesn't have any alternatives to try. I am having to spray every couple weeks to control weeds, a pre-m would help too, mostly goosegrass, crabgrass, chickweed, and a little purslane is what I'm trying to get. Thanks in advance.
  2. K & K Mowing

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    What's a wripwrap ditch? Riprap stone ditch maybe. Roundup doesn't phase it? That's tough weed! Bayer has a new weed killer out there. Can't think of the trade name though. Maybe be worth a shot.

  3. TNGrassCutter

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    Yea wripwrap, rip rap, large limestone chunks, big rocks, stones, whatever you want to call it. Gly at 6oz/gal turns the top yellow for a week or two, I did find that adding 2,4d helps but its too hot here for that. Don't want to take any chances. I have some gordons barrier that I may try, it supposed to kill and keep it clear for ip to 12 months. And I should've put this in the pesticide forum...
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  4. Richard Martin

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    Try Triclopyr. Most weed and brush killers have it as a main ingredient.
  5. RodneyK

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    I have had luck with Round Up Quick Pro at 2.25 oz. per gallon hitting it once a week until gone. I was told but did not try 1.5 oz. Vessel and .25 to .5 oz. Lontrel into a gallon of water would knock it out. Hope this helps.
  6. SDLandscapes VT

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    ProDeuce @ 6 oz per gallon--repeat applications are necessary over time to catch things coming back. I use this for all of my gardening and it has worked on several severe cases of horsetail.

    If wide open to spray with no desirable plantings mix kleen-up pro @ 3 oz gallon + Garlon 4 @ 12 oz/gallon + 1-2 oz. LI 700. Gallon/1000ft^2

    Not much you cannot stop with that mixture
  7. TNGrassCutter

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    Thanks guys. And its in a rip rap bed with no vegetation, I would be fine if nothing ever grew back.
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  8. Think Green

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    Pyridine products mixed with the Gly isn't a bad idea as long as there isn't anything nearby for off target drift. Maybe okay for spot spraying but not blanket.
    I have to ask if you can spray these ditches on your applicator's license because some states you must be licensed for such duties. BE CAREFUL!
    The trick to this weed is getting it when it is young and not above a foot tall. In my experiences, once this weed start to reach maturity, the stem will harden and become thick with wax. The leaves become waxy as well, so don't wait too long before the treatments is expected. I have this stuff around my pasture and I use Triclopyr and Gly at label rates mixed and it will take a few days under harsh conditions to work.

    You need to remember not to spray anything like these ditches where it could run off into nearby waterways, streams, or open water areas that has aquatic life. I would be real careful if I were you!
  9. Aaronnc

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    2 ounces of Flumioxazin added in with Gly will kill it everytime.
  10. RodneyK

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    What about if it is in turf? Anybody have any luck with anything?

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