Horticulteral oil spraying prices

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GrazerZ, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. GrazerZ

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    What do you guys get for this service. I do some of this work on time but need a better formular for pricing. Example of what I'm charging: Did 40 gallons of hort oil from back packs at a job for mugo pine scale. Toke me 2 hrs and am charging $300.00 seems low to me. Any thought on this?
  2. mrkosar

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    my suggestion is go get a real spray unit, and in the long run it will save you lots of time and money. 40 gallons can be spayed in about 30 minutes with my 200 gallon lesco space saver.
  3. philk17088

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    My target rate for insect apps for trees and shrubs is $165 per hour.
    My minimum is $65.

    My T/S route isn't as tight as my lawn route so I need to get paid for windshield time.
  4. GrazerZ

    GrazerZ LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have "real" spray units. I have a space saver as well. Dose'nt really help me if its set up currently to do crab control and would take an hour to clean it out properly though would it? If this was the only job I had for the day I would consider it, but probably not for just one stop. By the way, at this one job I did the mentioned services sprayed about 4 dozen roses with crosscheck, sprayed a very stepp hill 1 acre with 25-0-25 macron, 70lbs ortnamental fert,2.5 acres of turf with granular,and sprayed about 2 acres worth of drive on it. so logistics could be a bit tricky would'nt you say?:rolleyes: toke me about 4 hour for everything. Averaged over$200.00 per hour
  5. mrkosar

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    from Ohio
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    a big job and a big pain in the arse. i would charge them a bundle for causing such complications.
  6. heritage

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    Hi Grazer,

    If it seems low to you, why not raise the price, so that it seemes right to you.

    Every job is different, therefore so is/should be the price.

    PHILK17088 posts numbers that seem right for our area....But every area is different. Degree if difficulty makes a diff. in the price too.

    You had to hoof it with back pack sprayer(s) because....Hose was not long enough? Needed sprayer for other tasks? ECT......

    Charge Accordingly...If you think it was not enough, after you looked at your numbers at the end of the day.....Raise your prices......And if you set the bar too low, with too cheap a price........Think About It.

    Pete D
  7. GrazerZ

    GrazerZ LawnSite Senior Member
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    I understand the basic economics of if it seems low, raise it. But I was looking for a pricing formula on ornamental spraying that is a bit more acurate than taking my materials and guessing how long it would take and telling the customer that number. Perhaps a per gallon, per shrub, on a sliding scale or something. I guess I'll sit and try to figure out some set pricing on this type of work during the winter.
  8. louiseabney

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    I am interested in developing a pricing guide for spraying chemical for the upcoming fall and winter season. Is there a rule of thumb that you go by, or just time + material

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