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    We are going to be doing more tree spraying this year and have a few options on which oil to use. I have always used the horticultural oil because we were not using very much product and didnt look at other options.

    I have done the research and I am pretty comfortable in using the ultra spray as it seems to be the most refined and better product. Just wanted to get thoughts as I have never bought drums of oil before and wanted to double check before I bought large quantities....

    For those of you that do oil sprays.....

    ....if price were not a factor, which would be your preference? (the prices are not tremendously different)

    the labels are from JDL only because they were convenient.

    ultra oil

    Hort Oil


    Thanks for you opinions.
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    Oils have come a long way since I started spraying. We had to be very careful about temps & humidity in order not to "burn" foliage. Now you can spray at much higher temps without too much concern, but be aware of humidity. I think you'll be fine with any of the products you've listed.

    The biggest concern now is pressure burn. I remember having to deal with complaints when applicators inadvertently sprayed a straight stream rather than a fan pattern.
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    Any of those look good. As Barry said, oils have come a long way. I remember the old Volck Oil sold in Hawaii. That was some crude stuff that was worse than the insect in many cases. The new ultra refined light oils like Purespray Green and Whitmire UltraPure are great. I can use those on plants that could never be treated with the crude oils. Like roses in full leaf or other flowers.

    Pressure burn and poor under leaf coverage is why I do not use adjustable tree guns on shrubs or flowers. The regulated ceramic disc-core nozzles on a double swivel wand operated at a set pressure do not allow a 0 degree stream to cut leaves and flowers.
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    I spray a lot of orchard trees now. My aim is to get that oil into tiny crevices where eggs, large and anything thriving are existing. Oils will not prevent the hatching of eggs the the actions is to smother the insects. Horticulture oil (Mineral Oil) is lighter than the petroleum oil so it can penetrate more into the bark when temps are somewhat cooler. The petroleum with warmer weather will kill a little faster. I tend to use Horticulture oil from November to February and Ultra Oil until Red Tip (Budding Growth) appears. Then its time for Fire Blight (Streptomycin) preventive measures during blooming and then the Orchard spray.
    Both are great products but with a little variable in temps.
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    I pulled this chart from Cornell and this is what made me look for some opinions from here. It did not seem like there were huge differences in the products.

    Thanks for the helpl.

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