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    In need of one. Some expereince preferred. In NW Iowa. Also in the lawncare business. In need of someone to help within greenhouse, design landscapes, meet with clients, and work with our garden center retail outlet. PM me if interested. Currently be fulltime. Hourly wage. Contact me and we can discuss further.
  2. meets1

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    330 views. What am I missing?
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    possibly your location or the lack of the ability of the viewer to fill the position?

    I live in alaska currently, I could however consult on your designs remotely (most good designers and architects due) What this means is someone else meets with the client, gets the info, send me a plat and pictures, I do a design, send it back to you for approval, we talk about it, I make changes, then I give you a budget, create a proposal and send you all the information you need to sell it to the client and make the money. It can all be done via the internet and email. I can consult with you about your business and what not.

    I can give you the first few designs for free with free consultation, if it works for you, we can discuss a contract and some form of payment.

    If the project is large enough and requires visits, then it can afford to fly me in and out figured into the cost of the build.

    If this sounds interesting, send me a message.

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