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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by gce_ent, Apr 1, 2006.

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    I have an opportunity to hire a person straight out of school with his degree in Horticulture. I like the person along with his optimism of being part of a startup company and given the whole immigration issue I have decided to fill my teams with born and raised Texans (well U.S. Citizens). My question is how valuable is a Horticulture education? I have already found a person to lead the same team with hands on experience but no education. Also I am not sure he would stick around if not supervising. It is a tough situation but I would like to be able to say I have people with specific eduaction on my team.
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    I would say an education in horticulture is valuable, I am going to school myself. Hands on is important as well. An education is a good jump start, as it is in many fields. I think you would be doing yourself a favor hiring him if he is a good candidate. You may be able to offer more services if you are only offering lawn service, unless he is interested in the turf aspect of horticulture.
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    Interesting question. When you say start up..what area of landscape area you most focused on? He have a two or 4 year degree? reason I ask.

    This part of the country a 2 or 4 year degree in Hort. allows the grad usually an entry level management position. I know several grads who initially started out supervising a crew but within 6 months were supervising several and making 60K base salary..plus comm. company truck and gas card.

    Here a few examples of grads I know working in the ind.

    !. Commercial maintenance....began as crew leader ...3 months later...supervised 3 crews...one year later, supervising 6+ plus crews...

    2. Nursery coordinator for a year....now runs a 50 acre citrus farm..supervising all workers and resp. for all facets of the biz including propagation.

    3. Residential Landscape...asst. supervisor....helping assist supervisor....6 months later...division head...running 3 crews, one supervisor, resp. for job from start to finish..included plant selection, irrigation, lighting etc...left that job....now does down and dirty design, or to scale design...she keeps all the money...supervises two crews from job start to finsih...selects and places all plant material, does some sales, resp. for all cust. contact...80k a year.

    4..Irrigation science....upon graduation...salesman, well known irrigation supply house, couple years later...same job,,,and now teaching irrigation design and hydralics part time at local junior college.

    IMHO..the real question is are you going to be able keep this guy? Hort grads have a ton of opportunity available to them...with the many skills they posses they are valuable commodities.
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    I think maybe I painted the wrong picture....to clarify.

    This guy, all things being equal, could be very valuable to you and could readily help you promote your start up biz.
    Not to say the othe guy isn't but I would certainly be testing the knowledge base of the Hort grad. Once I got a sense of that, I would be looking to market him and incorporate him into my biz....for sure...........

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