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  1. George777

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    I was wondering if anyone has taken Environmental Horticulture and if so how has it benifitted you in your business?
  2. joshua

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    hey, i'll be studying it next year in college, and yes it will benifit your business greatly, the more you know the more you can do, also you can use this as a good bonus to yourself, as you can tell customer that you have this extra knowledge which makes you more qualified than a competitor that doesn't.

    if you were a very wealthy person that didn't want to take care of your lawn and landscape, would you want someone that doesn't know what their doing come in and take care of all of it or would you want someone that has all that knowledge to come in and do it???
  3. turfguy33

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    I have a BS in Horticulture, with a minor in Agronomy emphisizing in plant science. I also took several classes on turf grass management. When I was in college, a course was offered in golf course management, and I considered it, but really wanted to run a business for myself. As far as has it helped me, somewhat. Yes, I know the plant, I know what it needs to survive, and I know how to get grass to grow, but to be honest with you, I knew most of the information before I went to college. College only gave me scientific terms for everything, and a piece of paper saying that I know this stuff. Now I have had customers say that they would rather pay someone who knows what there talking about over someone who doesn't., Now don't get me wrong, I pride myself in being knowledgable, and market my services with my creditentials, but for the price of 5 years of college, I don't honestly think I gained $25000 worth of knowledge. Basically, in the 5 years, I studied and partied. The one good thing about college was the contacts that I made. I was a AGR (Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity), which is an agriculture professional and social Fraternity), and the contacts that I have made through them, has not only made me money, but also saved me money...........For instance, I can now get round-up cheap, very cheap, because the manager of the local farm supply store is also a AGR, so convenient.

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