Horticulturist Certification/State License

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DJ'sLawnCareSvc, Nov 23, 2009.

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    I decided this winter im going to use my time wisely, and since im still young i re-enrolled in the local community college to get my Horticulturist Cert.Im in Louisiana. I figure if it does nothing i will at least learn some stuff a little more in depth regarding fertilization, and grass types etc. Im only 24, and im doing pretty good for my actual first year in business (ive cut since i was about 12, just not on the books) i ended the season with roughly 45 accounts. So i figure that if i end next season with 100+, ill be happy. My goal is to get a better understanding on the finer points in this business. So im not just the regular jo-blo grass cutter. Maybe i can get an edge over some other hack jobs out here, and not only my work and reputation stand out but my qualifications can become a selling point. What you guys think. What kind of new work could i get with a Hort Lisc., as opposed to without it. I want to open new doors to things that i can do to make money in the off season, along with MORE money in the ON season. Opinions welcome! THANKS!
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    That's good, but what do you mean by certification?

    A horticulturist is someone with a Ph.d in gardening, which is a type of a doctor's degree.
    It's no trade certification, a horticulturist is not like a plumber or a welder or a mechanic,
    horticulture is regarded as a profession.

    A true horticulturist is up there with doctors and lawyers, realtors, too.
    Unfortunately I suspect the schooling is no 4 year degree...

    However, I do believe that Community Colleges can provide the required courses.
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    Its the certification for the state license.... not a degree in horticulture...
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    Most ag schools offer a bachelor's degree in horticulture. Taking CC classes sure won't hurt anything. I've thought about doing the same just for the education. I don't need the degree.
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    Here in Louisiana they Combined our Landscape Contractor License and Horticulturist License into Landscape Horticulturist, by the way all you have to do is get the reading material from the state about $60 and study and pass a test, you don't have to go to school to get a state licenses.

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