Hose Reel For Compressor?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jbell36, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. jbell36

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    what do you guys do for your hose on your compressor? I was thinking something along the lines of an electric hose reel...

    we have been throwing it in the back of the truck or winding it up on top of the compressor, but it always seems to be a pain in the ass, especially the long runs
  2. greenmonster304

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    We're using a Haney manual reel with 200 ft high pressure hose. Works well.
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  4. grassman177

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    its only 100 ft of hose, I just toss in the back of the truck or van. bam

    JACIRR LawnSite Member
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    I use a Cox hose reel with 150 ft of 3/4" hose. The nice thing about the Cox is no chains to deal with. Direct drive to a sprocket on the side of the hose reel. I run 2 of them (one on each compressor) one is an air operated motor and the other electric. I will not buy another air operated motor. Works great, just not work all the extra filter and oilers that are required to run it. Electric only since the compressors have an alternator and battery.
  6. DanaMac

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    Hose reel? Pffftttt..... Manhandling 150' of 3/4" hose is how I get a daily workout!! Builds chest, arms, and shoulders. I've lost 10 pounds since I started blowouts this fall.

    We do have two reels, one for each of the other techs, but I don't recall what kind.
  7. Michdeere

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    Reelcraft has a plant about an hour south of me. I called them up and had one built to fit on the tongue of my Airman compressor. Bought a 300' spool of 3/4" Goodyear hose to load on it and couldn't be happier. Man I don't miss pulling those 50' lengths of hose with the couplings dragging and hanging up on ANYTHING they touched. Now it's just the press of a button.

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