hoses left on the lawns every week

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by wacky zachy, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. wacky zachy

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    Do any of you guys cutting weekly residential run into people leaving their garden hoses across the lawns? is it my job to roll these up every week how do you guys handle this. this is an elderly coulple but they where able to get the thing off the hose rack what should i say or do?
  2. AI Inc

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    Bill em for it. They will either go elsewhere or pick them up.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I just pick it up, however I just sent out a letter to my customers telling them to please pick up items such as this among other things. Hopefully they get the message. I really don't want to have to up charge them.
  4. Roger

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    Yes, I have a couple of customers who have hoses, garden tools, toys, etc. on their lawn every week. I just pick them up, stack them away, or move them as I mow across the lawn. It is just part of the job, no big deal. There are other things to get more exercised about. I'm just glad to be able to work at their property -- it is a privilege, not a right.
  5. Dean of Green

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    This is just something that happens. For customers to have to prepare their yard for me to come and do my thing, well from their perspective that is bother as well. Most of our customers just want one less thing that they don't have to worry about. That is what I try to provide. Not just a lawn service but peace of mind for the customer. If we bombard them with pick this up and do this and that before I get there then we are putting the work back on them. Ok, with all of that said, I always charge for unknown unknowns(hose in yard, kids toys out,etc.). Every property is charged for this. How do I charge for this? I charge more than the average in my area. If a yard does not have anything for me to move or pick up then more gravy for me. It is human nature to forget and leave something out. All I am saying is charge up front for human nature.
  6. rt20

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    Great reply.

    I raise my prices based on the man hour rate of each lawn. The lawns in the lower 1/3 get raised to a top 1/3 level rate each year. I usually explain how I determine prices and if they want me to do that stuff, I'll do it, but if they want to avoid a price raise they want us in and out as quick as possible.

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    Most of the time I just leave the hose in the yard, mow around it, and then I lift it up and shift it a foot or two to one side, so I can mow where it had been laying. I wonder if the customers wonder how I mowed over it without cutting it up :laugh:

  8. punt66

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    I have a rich but lazy customer who every week has toys, hoses, rocks, garden tools etc, theown all over the yard. I am off the machine every 2 minutes of the 1hour cut to pick this stuff up. I sent a letter that i will raise her rate to deal with the extra time it takes me to be the yard maid and she didnt complain. So i recieved a raise and nothing has changed. haha
  9. Stillwater

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    pick the hose up say nothing
  10. Runner

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    If you have problem customer who always has hoses, tools, and toys and such in the lawn, that is one thing....you have to write a letter informing them that these items need to be picked up, or there will be a surcharge for this. When I would pick up a hose, - like if it is stretched out across the lawn, I would just go to the far end of it, grab it and as I was walking with it, I would grab every 10 ft. of it or so. I would then just set the hose somewhere that the mower already cut preferably. I am not taking the time to "coil" it - not enough time in the world for all that.
    On the other hand, in the case of the original poster,...if it is two elderly people, who don't get around as well any more, th hose is getting picked up, and coiled neatly - so to ensure that it isn't going to get tangled. When I die, if there is anything that is aid about me,...one of them is going to be that I always looked out more for two people in this world...children and old people.

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