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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Schrock Lawns, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Ok then. Its the facility manager or vendor relations dept. Have fun.
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    I really thought Mark's post would have solidified what the rest of us said. To answer your question, contact the facility/grounds manager and see what their bidding cycle is, or ask to be put on their vendor list if they have one so when the grounds bid comes out you will be notified.
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    The only and absolutely only time I have saw where an extremely large LCO like Brickman hasn't won a bid is when it is a private/non-for-profit and you know someone(s) on the inside with a lot of pull.

    Like I said, I went on a walk through one time just for giggles and the fact that I did know the plant manager and he begged me, (even though I told him I would not submit a bid... we are a 6 person company during our peak times)...

    I honestly don't see how even these large companies can make the money when they are throwing 15/20 guys at it even paying them minimum wage and checking green cards... I guess they are just pushing pure volume and quantities....
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    when you grow up and can figure out who to contact, then you might be ready to bid on one, if you can't figure that out , then your not ready.
  5. Mark Oomkes

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    Try the CEO, they'd love to talk to you. :rolleyes:

    PS If you don't want advice unless you want to hear what you already know, don't ask questions. Heaven forbid anyone try to help you.
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    Where else can you go and get the cumulative years knowledge as what was said here and blow it off? I love this place.
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    Its all about pure volume. Valley crest and TruGreen each gross about a Billion dollars a year in revenue. They obviously dont do it from one single branch. Each branch grosses approx. 3million give or take depending on the branch. In order to compete with them you have to be doing at least over a million. Sometimes they under bid the maintenance work on properties and they pick up the slack with irrigation repairs, color installations and enhancement work.
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    Shrock, I hope your dad has common sense but they say "The acorn don't fall far from the tree!" The business will probably fail within 1yr if you bid & get the contract. I hope you lie about equip & employees when bidding & get it. Good Luck!
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    Seems like you're jumping in too early...(NOT BECAUSE OF YOUR AGE) Just because of your companies Size. Im not going to ask what you're biggest account is but if you're not currently doing any accounts equal or BIGGER I wouldn't even waste my time.

    Don't get me wrong, Having b_l_a_n_k_Hospital On your reference sheet looks FANTASTIC, But if you can't provide for them THEY WILL "F" YOU UP!

    The Liability is HUGE.
    Yeah take everyone else's info Call the prop. manager, Facilities Mgr. Etc... But most wont even return your call!

    If You want some real advise start calling local restaurants, stores, and plazas. Most plazas are dealt with through a property manager. Once you get the mgmt. company pursue in that direction. But those aren't always easy either! GOOD LUCK!
  10. Mark Oomkes

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    You need to read his last reply, he doesn't want advice, only who to contact.

    Which tells you something right there.

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