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    taken from 32vld

    CEO's of hospitals make high 6 figure salaries. They are not about to risk their job to hire a 14 yo kid. They are not even going to give a 14 yo kid a meeting to hear his presentation on how his landscape business is the best one to serve their hospital.

    You do not have a steady experienced crew large enough to service a hospital. You do not have the enough equipment to service a hospital in a timely manner.

    At 14 you do not have the knowledge to maintain the Landscape of a hospital. Where I live the good commercial accounts have lawns better then you will find on sod farms. Shrubs that never look like they need to be trimmed. Spring flowers planted in extensive beds all around the property then replaced with summer flowers, then replaced with fall flowers. So many flowers they have 5-6 men crews to plant them.

    At 14 do you know what flowers to recommend for each season if they ask you?

    Landscaping any large commercial accounts that expects high quality results is not going to trust and take a chance on a 24 yo solo equipped they way you are, let alone a 14 yo.

    I salute your work ethic. Best to grow with residentials and some small commercials if you eventually want to go with the later.

    Graduate with a AAS degree in Horticulture, Landscape Design, etc.
    Build up your equipment list and accounts then you will be equipped to go follow your goals. Luck.

    i dont think anyone could have said it better. very true. year round work, trying to run it with two guys starting? one being a minor, if it was that easy i think the hospital would have its own team and not subbing out.
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    Correct, I read on a site minors are not allowed to operate string trimmers, hedge trimmers, etc. I read a 16/17 yr old can operate a mower under 20 PTO. What is 20 PTO? Or is it a typo & supposed to be 20 HP?

    My son is 20 & couldn't believe the prices I was getting per lawn. He thought I was raking in the cash with 18 clients! We would gross in 1 day mowing more than he made in 2 weeks at McDonald's. I had to explain the expenses of running a business. Insurance, taxes, maitenance, fuel, his wages, etc. This kid must think his dad is just stacking the cash in the bank, probably thinks they're millionaires! I wonder if dad even knows the kid is takin over when he's 18?
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    Sure.... just rename them to TruBlue or something indiscreet!
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    just to clear some sstuff up yes im 14 and its my fathers bussiness till im 18, ok i may not be ''legally old enough'' to run this equipment but i do and my dad completly trusts me but its not me presenting the stuff its my dad i judt wanted to get some info on it. if im not able to work on the property i can find another employee, but i dont think there would be a problem with me running equip because i dont look 14 and am 6ft and 180 and when i tell people im 14 there sshocked. i have the equipment to do the hospital but would problay need 1 or 2 more men, as i stated before i have the same mowers valley crest runs being a 60 g3 and a 36 gstand i have a 52 gstand i can handel payroll and that happy crap for 90 days being me and my dad our expenses are very low
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    What about the 1 to 2 guys you will hire? Do you have funds to float them 90days? Wages, W/C, your match on taxes? Are these even things you have looked into? Do you know the true cost of running employees? Getting contracts like these isn't just about what equipment you run. You are competing against a BILLION dollar company. Do you know how many zeros that is? Another word of free advice I learned a long time ago, you need to know when to pull the trigger on a job and when to walk away.
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    Doesn't matter, he just wants to know who to talk to.

    Boy has a lot to learn.
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    So who do you talk to? :D
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    These big commercial accts are not the pot of gold you think they are. So why not worry about getting thru school at 14yo.
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    Does your father have his applicators license? Skid sprayer? You planning on spreading fertilizer with a home depot spreader?

    I think you are grossly under estimating what it takes to maintain a property of this size. It is not a mow and blow job. They will want everything included - mowing, trimming, hedges, mulch, flower beds(changed out every season), fertilization, weed control, litter pick up, irrigation system maintenance/repairs, and probably snow removal also. How are you going to handle a freak snow storm that comes through and prevents patients and/or ambulances from getting to the hospital? You better have more than a shovel.
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    Good point about the snow! Lots of parking lot & sidewalks. Even if you have a plow truck, what if it breaks down? National or big LCO's have fleets of plow trucks. Around here if you sub plowing out you're gonna pay minimum $50/hr.
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