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  1. JDT Property Care

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    Who is everyone using for a host for their website? I've been refurbishing my website and will be switching from the "free" hosting that I currently have to a paid site with email and everything. Just curious as to who you guys are using? The best deal I have found is $4.74/mo for 1/yr with email accounts and 10GB Space and 300 GB Transfer. I will have to transfer my domain name over as well. Thanks everyone!
  2. Team-Green L&L

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    Check out Been with them for years and I have few complaints.
  3. Turboguy

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    If price is a prime criteria I can't suggest much since I probably pay more than that for most of my hosting. You might want to post the name of the people you are looking at and perhaps some guys may have some experience to share, good or bad.

    You said you had to transfer your domain name? You mean change the nameservers I hope. If they are telling you that you have to transfer your domain to them I would be concerned.

    Just for the record since you asked who we use. In order of my liking the service., GoDaddy, PowWeb, Hostway, ValueWeb and SpunkyWorld.
  4. Turboguy

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    I just looked over the AptHost site that TeamGreen recommended and they look like they might be a pretty good choice for you. A little less money than what you looked at, free domain name and most everything you would need for a host. Looks like a good choice particularly since you have a recommendation from someone using them.
  5. JDT Property Care

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    Thanks guys. That apthost doesn't look too bad at all. I was asking for suggestions because i'm not at this. I don't know too much about building websites, but i'm learning.
    my site is currently hosted for "free" at bravehost. that is where I bought my domain name. After doing research, it appears that I have to transfer that to another site? That is what I meant by that. Not sure if thats the correct language or not.

    Thanks a bunch to everyone! It is greatly appreciated.
  6. topsites

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    $30 a year if you pay upfront, otherwise it's 2.99 a month.

    The interface is pretty good.
    The service in terms of uptime and what have you doesn't appear much worse or better than anyone else's.
  7. Inspira

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    Always have your domain name registered somewhere different than where your site is hosted. Makes things much easier should you ever want to switch.

    Registrars are pretty much the same across the board - but hosting is wild. Don't pay more than a few bucks per month.
  8. Ruben Rocha

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    I have been through a windows host and Apache host.
    All I can tell you is I swear by:
    So far they have been great.
    I have been through several. But the basic plan is all you really need unless you have a really big site.
    The basic plan is $4.95 a month but you will need to pay for 12 months.
    Pretty much a unlimited plan.
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