hosuing market down the tubes in illinois....everyelse too?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Cedar Valley Landscapes, Oct 23, 2007.

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    Well i was watching the news tonight and saw that the biggest home builder in the Chicago Suburbs is now going into bankruptcy. Just driving around in the towns we service their are very few homes going up. Espically one twon where two years ago 900 home subdivisions where going up every two weeks and filling up within one-half to two years. It amazes me how the home market has gone right down the crapper and no end insight. And espically makes me afraid of going after any new subdivsions to get the installs and things like that. Afraid of performing the work and not getting payment in time or at all. Was just wondering if anyone else around the nation was expericing this as bad. Kinda figure it is but was wondering what everyone else was doing.
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    Housing sales are down 44% since last year nationwide. I'm glad the market is crashing in Florida the prices for houses got wayyyyyy out of hand. So your not alone :).
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    we have about a 1,000 foreclosures a month here. Our RE market stinks! I think if I sold my houseat high tide last I could have got 1.2 maybe 1.3 mil

    Now if i had to sell 750-800k and that might take time
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    One of the nations largest home builders just pulled out of a 800 home sd across the street from my sd last week. People moved their belongings down from out of state to close and the builder didn't show. They have 40 lots under contract and it's all up in the air right now. Every sub has been told to stop working.

    I wouldn't work for a builder. I've had that rule for over 15 years now anyway. I wouldn't be afraid of going after residential customers. Just make sure you get your 50% up front....if they don't want to shell out the initial 50 then walk away.

    Here in Metro Atlanta I think landscape work is going to die for a while. With the watering bans and the drought we have....there's no end in sight. Ive already lost 4 small installs for the month of Oct. I'm lucky I kept my maintenance accounts this year.

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    same here. my grading partner got burned so bad. he is still waiting on 70k for work where the builder stopped building. thats why i am trying to help him get rid of CAT. but on a lighter note that summer we had burned up alot of yards so hope i get to get real familiar with the turf revitilizer

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