Hot Pile on Concrete

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by liam_d, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Is it possible to create an effective hot pile compost on pavement? That's all I've got... no area of open ground that's large enough for a sizable hot pile (sizable as in 10-15ft high-mound). I was wondering if it would take longer than 2-3 months if I do this on pavement. :confused: Has anyone encountered or experienced something like this?
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    You can do it.

    No different than guys storing hot trailer loads of mulch on concrete.

    If you want to, you could tailor the pad underneath to catch any liquids coming from the pile and use it as compost tea.

    Just like any compost pile, keep it turned until it has burned itself out.
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    my mind went to crap on this title!!! ahhaha
  4. White Gardens

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  5. Kiril

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    I created a hot pile on some concrete yesterday ....... it stank.
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    lol@grassman whoever thought of naming it a "hot pile" anyway?? :hammerhead:

    I take it that I wouldn't get the benefit of having wormy friends going through the pile though, right? :( Would it be better if I did this on the pavement anyway? I mean, as you said, I can catch liquids from the pile but if it were on land, then the liquids would simply seep into the ground, right? I guess I'm asking, which is better: worms or liquids? I think I should rephrase, worms or compost tea. Don't want grassman to think "liquids." :laugh:
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    just dump a wheelbarrow of a currently composting pile into the mix.

    seed the organisms in, you know?

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