Hotel Bid?


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New to the bisuness. Got asked to bid hotel property. About 3.5 acres. Not a whole lot of trimming. Will be using 61" rider or52" walk-behind. How do you price this by the acre of figure square footage and figure that way? What do you all charge per square foot? What do you all use to send you bids in. Obvisouly not just sheet of paper. What should I be aware of, definatly don't want to get screwed. Lady said that it would be mowing and trimming only. Hopefully will lead to more. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Is there alot in the way?
If it is wide open I would charge roughly 150-180.00 pending the amount of trimming a mow.
I would really think on wether it gives you good exposer or none. If none charge the max if it has good exposer charge a bit less since it is good advertising.


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i would charge 175.00 trim and mow only. 190.00 is you need to blow when your done.

just be careful with hotels-they get VERY picky about hours when you can be their. somtimes you wont want to be their before 11:00 when everyone checks out-and they wont want you later than 5:00.

If you can get the price you want-go with it; just be ready to roll with their punches.