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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Tadams, Jan 6, 2003.

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    I bought a 2002 48" TTHP hydro with the 17 Kawi and recoil start on it. I asked my dealer if an hour meter could be installed on it and he said that only the electric start could have that option. Well, I was still a little curious so I ask a friend who is an industrial electrician what he thought and he said that he thought you might could hook it up running from the coil. Is this possible or not? I would really like to have the meter to keep up with the maintenance procedures at the proper time.

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    Thanks for the post. We get this question on the telephone or via e-mail every now and then.

    There are several "aftermarket" options on the market. One of the most common is called "Tiny Tach". We've used them from time to time and have had good luck with them.

    Your local dealer should have a supply catalog from one of these suppliers that he can order from.

    You may want to post the same question in the general forum as well. I'm sure there are several guys out three using similar hour meters already.


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    I put the Tiny Tach's on all new machines regardless of factory meter or not. The reason is, when the equipment is running it is a tach, when its off its an hour meter. I like having the rpm's within view. With throttle cables, you will get stretch in them pretty quickly, the tach will let you know when that happens.
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    Thanks Terry and Hoss. As soon as I asked my dealer about the hour meter he pretty much told me that there was no way to hook it up. I guess he had never heard of the tiny tach. Thanks again. I have learned alot from the Exmark forum and from all of the posts that Hoss has made.
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    In a private message I gave TADAMS the link to another tach company he could buy from online. In case anyone else is looking: http://www.sendec.com/
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    I just bought my eXmark last week. Used tthp52 recoil start. I asked the dealer to install an hour meter. He said it was 10 dollars and they had it on in about 15 minutes. Works well for rpm when the mower is running and minutes used when not running.

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